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Bank of New South Wales £5 Sydney 18- (issued colour), no serial numbers, not signed, printed both sides, with counterfoil. Imprint Charles Skipper & East, London printer's Proof. Perforated SPECIMEN C SKIPPER & EAST. MVR type 7c. Glue stain at right, ex printer's archive book. gVF. Rare.^
 AVAILABLE at A$2500
Bank of New South Wales £1 Sydney 1st - 190- MV 1000 Uniface printers essay lithographed in 3 colour phases on chalk surface paper. UNC. Very attractive & extremely rare (P)
 AVAILABLE at A$3200
Excelsior Bank £1 18- Sydney No 8063, unissued, with counterfoil. Minor tones aU. Vort-Ronald fig 173. Mc PFB 31 H/1 cat $5000. Scarce. (P)
 AVAILABLE at A$1500
The National Bank of Australasia Melbourne £10 issued note dated 2nd July 1883, no 002001-00700. Perforated SECIMEN B W & Co London in signature panel. gEF. MVR type 3a, only example known with this date. Impressive high value note. (P)
 AVAILABLE at A$5500
Union Bank of Australia Limited Adelaide £20 2nd April 1888 uniface printer's Proof on card. Imprint Perkins, Bacon & Co London. Handwritten Nov 24th 1888 in sig panel. Punch hole cancel in Manager's signature panel, EF. MVR type 2d. Ex Christies auction July 95, lot 906. Only 2 known with this domicile. Very rare. (P)
 AVAILABLE at A$2200
1893 Government of New South Wales TREASURY NOTE 'One Pound Sterling', serial no 18063, uniface 206x112mm, with “Sydney, Charles Potter, Government Printer” imprint, signed by 'CGL Boyce' (Principal Book-keeper) in blue for Accountant & 'JS Walford' (Registrar of Records) in green for Colonial Treasurer, the special ink colors being an added security measure. Very fine condition, pinholes in UL corner, internal split in lower middle, 'M Howard, Colonial Bank' m/script on reverse, with fresh original paper quality, and bright original colors of the 2 signatures. (Historical note: The 1893 banking crisis resulted in most private banks closing their doors and their banknotes becoming totally worthless. This resulted in public loss of confidence in banknotes of even the surviving banks, and serious difficulties for commerce. Therefore, the New South Wales government issued Treasury Notes on an emergency basis in 1893-94. These were issued on the basis of deposits held, and were fully backed by the government. While denominations up to £50 were originally planned, only the £1 value was issued and then taken out of use in 1894 as the banking situation was stabilised.). Great rarity with only around 7 recorded in total, including several single digit serial nos, and several high serial no, of various signatures, this being the only example of this particular signature combination. Mc PFB40H1. Pick S1001 listed but unpriced. While there were a lot of different private bank issued banknotes in the pre-Federation period, this is the first & only government issued banknote used in the colony of New South Wales. This and the Qld Govt treasury notes are the only Australian pre-Federation banknotes that are listed in the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money. A note of great historical & numismatic importance. 2018 Ceremuga certificate of authenticity. (P)
 SOLD at A$15000
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