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Australia: WW2 "ARMY" NEWS PERIODICAL MAGAZINE. Published April- May 1945. Cover torn but intact. Missing rear cover. Front cover depicts 2 Australian signallers sending messages. Full of news, views and advertisements of the period. Grade II-
 SOLD at A$10
Germany: WW1 ORIGINAL PERIOD MAGAZINE 'The Week' war year 1917. Contains pictures of Germans at war, articles and interesting ads. Shows light age. Very interesting collectible. German text. Grade II. No 41.
Germany: WW2 SMALL SUBSCRIPTION TYPE MAGAZINE. "Buchergilde" dated August/September 1941. B/W cover drawing of the head/ shoulders of a Panzer Crewman wearing his early style beret. Some damage to the cover. Various articles and sketches inside. German text. Grade III+
Germany: WW2 MAGAZINE TITLE "Arbeitertum" dated 1942. B/W photo to the front cover of a Luftwaffe gefreiter. (Waist up photo) wearing his M35 helmet with the Luftwaffe decal showing, coat, belt and buckle with K98 ammunition pouches holding binoculars in his gloved hand and with a snow covered branch to his right. Couple of light stain marks and some pencilled adding up amounts to one side of the front cover. Grade II
Germany: WW2 MAGAZINE TITLED "WIRTSCHAFTS-ILLUSTRIETE ARBEIT UND WEHR", dated 1942. B/W illustration of a Japanese submarine diving with a merchant ship above. "Cut out" illustration of the Jap submarine, showing the internal components. Article on WW1 & WW2 German u-boat inside. Grade II-
Germany: WW1 ORIGINAL COPY OF ZEITBILDER NEWSPAPER. 17 Sept 1914 4 pgs B/w photos. Text. Cover picture of Scottish soldiers helping with transport. Has centre fold, slight damage. Grade II-
Germany: WW1 ORIGINAL COPY ZEITBILDER NEWSPAPER. 13 Sept 1914. 4 pgs. B/w photos, text. Cover picture of British troops arrive in France. Shows age, some damage. Soiling and centre fold. Grade III+
Germany: WW1 ORIGINAL DER WELT SPIEGEL NEWSPAPER. 4 pgs, 20/9/1914. B/w photos and text. Cover picture of Scottish troops in France. Light age and a couple of minor edge tears. Grade II-
Germany: WW1 ORIGINAL COPY OF DER TAG NEWSPAPER 6/8/1914. B/w pictures, text. Cover picture of the Parliament in session. 4 pgs. Light age. Grade II-
Germany: WW1 ORIGINAL COPY OF BILDER VOM TAGE NEWSPAPER. 4 pgs b/w photos, text. Cover picture of troops in action in snow, drawing in b/w. Grade II- Slight edge tear.
Germany: WW1 ORIGINAL PERIOD MAGAZINE 'THE WEEK' WAR YEAR 1915. Contains Wartime pictures, articles, interesting adverts. Shows light age to cover. German text. Interesting collectable. Grade III+
Germany: WW1 A-4 SIZE BLACK AND WHITE MAGAZINE TITLED "IN WEST UND OST KRIEGSBILDER AUS DER GESCHICHTE 47", (West and Eastern Images of War from the 47th Reserve Division). Pictorial style publication with 223 pages of black and white photos. Great content with volumes of interesting shots of uniforms, equipment, ruined towns, graves, comrades, battle footage, etc. Some damage to the front and rear covers, bot front cover still clearly shows an eagle with a gold coloured crown fighting a 2 headed eagle. Outline of a 1914 Iron Cross within a wreath to the rear cover. Dated 1916/17. Fantastic piece of WWI history. Grade II-.
 SOLD at A$12
Germany: WW2 Student Magazine " Der Altherrenbund" dated Dec 1938. HJ insignia on front cover. Grade II-
Germany: WW2 ORIGINAL COPY OF 'DIE SIRENE' (The Siren) MAGAZINE. Issue Number 26 dated December 1940. Full of pictures, interesting articles and adverts from the period. Features article on female air raid helpers and their training. Grade II-.
Germany: WW2 'DIE WEHRMACHT' MAGAZINE 12TH MARCH 1941. 32 pages of B/W photos, articles and advertisements from a time when the Wehrmacht was all conquering. Features interesting articles and accompanying pictures on U-Boat warfare. GFM Keitel's 40 years in the army, etc. Age related yellowing to pages. Last few pages are missing a small portion that has been torn away. Does not detract. Interesting reading. German language only. Grade II-.
Germany: WW2 LUFTWAFFE 1941 DATED EDITION OF DER ADLER. 72 pages Nice picture of Flieger in LKPS 101 flight helmet & suit behind He 111. Nice pictures.
 SOLD at A$20
Germany: WW2 'DIE SIRENE' RLB MAGAZINE FOR THE REICH AIR PROTECTION OF ORGANISATION. Large format magazine. Number 10, first May issue for 1940. Front cover featuring a large artillery piece and the caption 'Watch am West wall'! or guard the west wall!. 22 pages of articles and advertisements relating to the war at the time. Much of the content centred around air protection, ads for Luftschutz equipment such as helmets, fire fighting equipment etc. Grade II-
Germany: WW2 FOUR COPIES OF 'WIRTSCHAFTS ILLUSTRIERTE ARBEIT UND WEHR' (ECONOMIC ILLUSTRATED - WORK AND MILITARY). B & W photos and text. Large photos to the front covers including A MG42 being manufactured, an attractive young women in a RAD uniform wearing a side cap, a stern looking sentry in full kit standing by a large coastal gun emplacement and a photo of the (new at the time, 1942) BV 138 Blohm & Voss flying boat. 10-14 pages each. Interesting articles, ads and photos on the war from the German perspective. German language only. Grade II-
Germany: WW2 5 MAGAZINE DATED FROM 1935 TO 1941. Includes a copy of 'die Sirene' the magazine of the civil air protection organisation 'Luftschutz' dated 1941. One copy of 'Buchergilde' the magazine of the bird watchers guild from 1938. has an almost humorous illustration to the front cover of some 'bird watchers' marching along giving the Nazi salute with a Nazi flag in the background. One copy of 'illustrierter Beobachter' A 24 page magazine featuring some great shots of a mark 1 Tiger Tank driving straight through a house! One smaller magazine specifically for German soldiers to have in their rucksacks. This one tells a story about Friedrich The Great. Titled 'Vermachtnis and die zeit' (legacy of the time) dated 1940. Finally a copy of the 1935 magazine 'Die Ketter Österreich' (The chain in Austria). All have typical age related yellowing to the paper, minor soiling from handling and small tears, mostly to the edges. Over all some interesting articles, B & W photos, illustrations and ads from the period. Grade II-
 SOLD at A$15
Germany: WW2 "DIE WEHRMACHT" MAGAZINE DATED AUGUST 1938. Huge army eagle and swastika to the top of the front cover. Ink stamp to cover for issue to "Panzer Regt 25." Great cover featuring a large B&W photo of 2 army pioneers laying on their backs, cutting their way through barbed wire in a training exercise. Lots of interesting B&W photos, articles and ads from the period. Multiple tears to the edges and age related yellowing to the paper. Grade III
Germany: WW2 LARGE FORMAT MAGAZINE 'NEUEiLLUSTRIERTE ZEITUNG' FEATURING U-BOAT ACE AND KNIGHTS CROSS WINNER KAPITAN LEUTNANT GUNTHER PRIEN. Dated 14th January 1941. Also includes 4 Kriegsmarine qualification patches. Front cover of the magazine features a large B & W photographic image of Prien saluting. Magazine has interesting content from the period when the Third Reich was at it's peak power. Includes articles, B & W photos, illustrations, ads and cartoons. German language only. Some small tears overall. Age related yellowing to the pages. The four qualification insignia are: Teletypist (Fernschreiber) dark blue background with crossed jagged yellow lightning bolts, Coastal Artillery (marineartilleries) dark blue background with yellow winged cannon, some mothing to the edges, Engine personnel (machinen) white background with blue cogwheel and senior carpenter (Ober Zimmermannsmaat) large oval white background with a blue compass superimposed over a ships anchor, single chevron beneath. Nice little group of Kriegsmarine items for display. Overall Grade II-
Germany: WW2 8 ISSUES OF 'DIE SIRENE' MAGAZINE. Various dates from mid 1939 to early 1942. 'Der Sirene' (The Siren) magazine was the official magazine of the civil air protection organisation in Germany. All are in good condition and feature colour or colourised photographic images to the front cover. One particularly good front cover featuring a battery of 88mm flak guns at night, firing simultaneously. All the magazines are full of interesting photos, illustrations, articles and ads from the period. German language only. Minor tears and wear, especially to the spines of the magazine. Some age related yellowing to the paper. Grade II-
 SOLD at A$45
Germany: WW2 1943 PUBLICATION '100 Karten aus der Wocenzeitung DAS REICH' (100 maps from the weekly newspaper THE REICH). German language only. Soft cover. Colour front cover showing some fading and wear. Different maps of the world, along with graphs, facts and figures. Representing all manner of different subjects including travel routes, populations, est. work capacity, military, raw materials, U-boat routes etc. Interesting content. 78 pages, large format. Grade II-
Germany: WW2 SPECIAL ISSUE OF THE MAGAZINE 'ILLUSTRIERTER BEOBACHTER' covering the invasion of Poland. Large format magazine 56 pages packed full of black and white photos, illustrations, maps and articles on the invasion. Illustration to the front cover features a rifle wielding German soldier in full combat gear, smashing a Polish eagle symbol on a pedestal and the caption 'so schlager wir zu Der feldzug der 18 tag' (so we rock on! the 18 days of the 18 days of the campaign). Age related yellowing to the pages, some soiling from handling, small tears to the edges Volumes of great photos of the campaign, some of Hitler and the general staff, combat photos, armour aircraft, POWs, cities in ruins etc. This magazine is a must for those interested in the early days of WW2. Grade II-
Germany: WW2 DUTCH "STORM SS" NAZI PROPAGANDA MAGAZINE FOR DUTCH SS PERSONNEL. Dated 5th May 1944. Large format 12 pages of information and pictures from the period. Age related yellowing to the pages and four punch holes to the centre where it has been stored. Dutch text. A scarce item of ephemera from late in WW2. Grade II- (P)
Germany: WW2 TEN COPIES OF THE DUTCH NAZI YOUTH MAGAZINE "DE STORMMEEUW". Dated from 1936 to 1943 (most from 1941, 42 & 43). Interesting and scarce items, full of B&W images and stories from the period. One of the covers features a cracker image of a Dutch SS-Mann in his SS combat tunic and helmet. Dutch text. Age related yellowing to the pages and some minor wear and tear o/a. Grade II- (P)
 SOLD at A$35
Germany: WW2 NINE COPIES OF THE DUTCH NAZI YOUTH MAGAZINE "DE STORMMEEUW". Dated from 1941 to 1944 (most from 1941, 42 & 43). Interesting and scarce items, full of B&W images and stories from the period. Dutch text. Age related yellowing to the pages and some minor wear and tear o/a. Grade II-
 SOLD at A$35
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