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Australia: WWI RECORD OF THE AUSTRALIAN IMPERIAL FORCES IN THE GREAT WAR 4th Aug 1914 - 28th June 1919. Original C1919 colour patch, medals and awards poster (blue nurse type) (small internal faults, several small tears and creasing) In period looking, modern glazed & stained frame. Overall dimensions 600mm x 760mm. Classic WWI poster showing battalion and corp colour patches under division headings army and division commanding officers, details of gallantry medals awarded, statistics inc enlistments and casualties, principal engagements Despite the faults, poster displays well and is both impressive and desirable.. (P)
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Great Britain:WW1 GALLIPOLI RELATED WIA PHOTOS AND EPHEMERA. To a Pte. George Lowe of the 9th Bn Manchester Regt., wounded in action at the battle of Krithia. Includes 4 b/w post card sized photos, 2 chest up photos, in uniform, one with presumably his wife, another of him sitting in a chair and wearing a shirt, trousers with braces and a pith helmet. The other is one of him in uniform among a group of convalescent soldiers with nurses. There is a personal letter written by him, dated the 27th May 1915, stating that he was wounded in the leg and 'I might have been much worse if L/corp. Lownds had not carried me on his back. In doing this he strained himself rather badly and is now in Hospital with me'. There is included 3 period newspaper cuttings, one with a photo of Pte. G. Lowe which gives his personal account of the action he was in when wounded and he states that he was wounded by shrapnel in the right high and left shin. There is his ‘Territorial Force Embodiment. Notice to Join' form, dated August 4th, 1914, his 2/6th Bn. Manchester Regiment. Trench Standing Orders booklet, 2 Army Form B's, reporting him being wounded, both with 1915 dates. His British Red Cross Society card, addressed to his father, post marked 27 August, 1915 and informing him that he had just arrived at The Borough Hospital, Birkenhead, his Discharge Certificate dated 17th June, 1919 and 3 newspaper clippings regarding his death and subsequent funeral. He died on the 9th May, 1944, aged 47 years. A nice lot. Grade II-
Germany: WW2 LUFTWAFFE A4 SIZE AWARD DOCUMENTS X 2 TO A HELMUT KREBS. The first is dated 17/1/39 and is his 1st class shooting award for the Gewehr 98, issued at list on the island of Sylt in the North Sea while he was attached to a coastal general purpose squadron. The other is a impressive promotion document which has a nicely detailed 1st pattern eagle/swastika to the top. Promotion from unteroffizier to feldwebel while attached to a sea signals school at Borgwedel (close to the North Sea) ink eagle/swastika stamp and Major/Commander's signature to the bottom of the document. Grade II-
Germany: WW2 1942 DATED ARMY PROMOTION CERTIFICATE TO A FRITZ HOWE, 7th Company, Motorized Infantry Regt 90. Promoted from Unterfeldwbel to feldwebel. A4 sized certificate with a large black printed Wehrmacht eagle/swastika to the top. Signed by a major battalion commander. Would look nice in a frame. Grade II
Germany: WW2 A4 SIZE ARMY PROMOTION DOCUMENT TO A ALFRED VOGELE. "10./Infanterie-Regiment 119." Promoted from Unteroffizier to Feldwebel. Small black printed Wehrmacht eagle/swastika to the top of the document, oak leaves outer border and an ink eagle/swastika regt, stamp with the Battalion Commander's signature to the lower part of the document. A nice display piece. Grade II-
Germany: WW2 HANDWERKSARTE (Craftsman's Guild Certificate). Dark green cloth bound hard cover with metallic gold insignia and wording to the front cover. Issued for the Nuremberg area. Small b/w ID photo inside with the craftsman's details. Grade II.
Germany: WW2 IMPRESSIVE A4 SIZED AWARD DOCUMENT FOR THE WAR MERIT CROSS 2nd CLASS. Has a large printed eagle/swastika to the top of the document and an embossed eagle/swastika within an oak leaf wreath to the bottom left corner of the document. Facsimile Hitler to "OG- Amtsleiter Karl Detmering Neustadt". Berlin issued, but no date given. Centre fold mark. Would make a nice Third Reich display item if framed. Grade II
Germany: WW2 PERSONAL REPORT OF A L/W SIGNALS REGT. Lieut. including. Order/Fine confining him to barracks for 3 days. Hand signed by Company Commander. Grade II.
Germany: WW2 OFFICIAL PROGRAM FOR THE PEOPLES CONCERT in Hervest-Dorsten. 7 Oct 1945. Printed A4 size page of classical music titles. Has taped repair at bottom. Grade III+
Germany: WW2 CIVILIAN TRANSPORT BOOKLET. Issued for the Hameln district. 1937. Many Eagle ink stamps inside. Bottom RHS corner cut but does not detract. Has 2 punch holes to LHS.
Germany: WW2 40 YEAR FAITHFUL SERVICE CROSS AWARD DOCUMENT awarded to Lokomotiv Fuhrer Albert Radtke in Essen. 9 May 1939. Facsimile signature of Hitler and great seal. A4. Folder type .
Germany: WW2 FELDPOST DELIVERY DOCUMENTS. 5 x small receipt type documents all issued between 1942-43 to a Feldpost Vehicle Driver. All stamped with an Eagle and Swastika ink stamp. Unusual items. Grade II-
Germany: WW2 WEHRPASS ISSUED ON THE 25-11-1944 TO A 16 YEAR OLD JOHANN LISSAU. Has I.D. Photo with Ink Eagle/ Swastika Stamps. Attached to the Reichs Arbeitdienst for Compulsory Work Duty. Minimal Entries to the 31-10-1945. De-Nazified Eagle/Swastika Insignia to front cover. Grade II-
Germany: WW2 "BDM" Documents x 2. Both awarded to an Edith Gehlen for war work. BDM red eagle/swastika and War Year 1941 to top of each document. BDM ink stamp and signature to bottom. Usual fold marks to each. grade II-
Germany: WW2 UNISSUED AWARD CERTIFICATE for the Iron Cross 2nd class in a modern, black & silver glazed frame. Grade II.
Germany: WWII AWARD DOCUMENT GROUP. To the same man Willi Bovenwerk of Grenadier Regiment 411. Group consists of 4 award documents, his DAF book, work pass and appendix to the work pass, A4 size award document for the Wound Badge in black (awarded 11th April 1942). Has been folded in to quarters to fit in the DAF book. A5 size award documents for the Iron Cross 2nd Class (awarded 16th April 1944, and signed by his division commander, a Colonel), Russian Front Medal (awarded 4th August 1942) and Infantry Assault Badge in Silver (awarded 29th May 1944). DAF book has cog and Swastika device embossed in gilt on the front. Book has stamps in it from 1936 to 1940. Good grouping of documents to the one soldier. Grade II-.
Germany: WW2 LARGE GROUP OF AWARD DOCUMENTS AND ASSOCIATED EPHEMERA TO AN ARMY OFFICER AND FAMILY. Group of 6 award documents, 13 other associated documents, 7 letters and a death notice from a newspaper. All to Oberleutnant Andreas Fuchs and family. The first document dated 2nd November 1939 and issued in the field. Signed by a LT. Colonel, promoting Fuchs to Sergeant. This document approx. A4 size has been folded in half and has numerous tears to the edges and two hole punches. Next document issued on 20/03/40 and signed by a Colonel. Is for the West Wall medal. A5 size. Fuchs was then awarded the Iron Cross 2nd Class on 20/10/40. This document in A5 size and signed by a Major General. Fold to centre. The next award is for an Iron Cross 1st Class, 4/01/42, signed by a Lieutenant General. A5 size with a crease to the middle. The last document to Fuchs, now an Oberleutnant, is his official death certificate/document. A4 size with an impressive gilt eagle and swastika. And in German "True to his pledge died in the struggle for freedom of the united Germany". Dated 26th October 1944. This document signed by a Lieutenant General. Also included is an A4 size award document to Fuchs's father Hans (an accounts inspector) for the 25 year service medal. All the other award documents except for the first promotion one are in very good condition. The many letters and other documents including several from the Red Cross and various official Third Reich and post war government (many to his widow) would make a good collection project for further translating. A substantial document group. Grade II-.
Germany: WW2 GROUP OF 5 DOCUMENTS relating to a German Army Leutnant held captive by the Russians. Most are communications to his wife from the Red Cross. Grade II-
Germany: WW2 INTERESTING GROUP OF 5 DOCUMENTS TO HELMUT ROCHE THIRD REICH JUSTICE DEPT. Official. The first document consists of a larger than A-4 size pre Nazi era degree or doctorate written in Latin dated 10/04/1930. Centre crease. The next document from the early Third Reich period is a certificate for passing the first 'legal exam' at the court of appeals. Ink stamped 'superior court Berlin' with the Third Reich justice dept eagle and swastika. Dated 22 Aug. 1934. Document 3 is on letterhead and printed in fancy old German script 'Im namen Des Reichs' (IN the name of the empire). This larger than A-4 size document is for Roche being accepted as 'court clerk' on 24 September 1934. Large embossed justice dept. eagle and swastika with 'superior court Berlin'. 5 punch holes to the left hand side. Centre crease. The fourth document is for the 'trainee Helmut Roche' stating that he had passed the 'Great State examination' with a grade of 'sufficient'. Also larger than A-4 this document is printed on the letter head of 'The president of the Reichs Justice Dept'. in old German script. Impressive embossed NSDAP state eagle and swastika stamp to the lower. Signed by a representative of the dept. in ink. Dated 30 March 1938. The last document is in a larger format measuring approx. 36x 24.5cm. This certificate with the heading 'Im named des fuhrers und reichskanzlers' in large letters, states that Roche has been appointed as an assessor for the government. Dated 18 July 1939. Large embossed NSDAP eagle and swastika to the lower, 80mm in diameter. 5 punch holes to the left hand side and a centre crease. All the documents have some age related yellowing and some marks from handling, but are in very good overall condition. A not often seen group of certificates and documents to a justice dept. tracing his career from university to just before the outbreak of hostilities in 1939. Grade II-
Germany: WW2 AWARD CERTIFICATE FOR THE INFANTRY ASSAULT BADGE IN SILVER. Approx. A-5 size document to Grenadier Max Geyersbach of 6. / Grenadier Rgt. 353. Dated 5.3.43. Nice clear ink eagle and swastika stamp of infantry Regiment 353 to the lower section. Hand signed by a Oberst Leutnant and Regiment commander. Crease through the middle from being folded in half. Paper yellowed with age. Nice clean condition. Grade II-
Germany: WW2 PRELIMINARY CERTIFICATE FOR THE AWARDING OF THE 1939 WAR MERIT CROSS 2nd CLASS WITH SWORDS. Approx. A-5 size document made out to a Dr Heinrich Heyn. Dated 01/08/1941. Ink eagle and swastika stamp. Signed by a Hauptmann (Captain) on behalf of the commanding General of Transport. Creases from being folded into quarters. Paper yellowing from age. Grade II-
Germany: WW2 SPORTS AWARD CERTIFICATE. Early period (1933) sports certificate to Klara Mohr. Slightly larger than A5 size, it states that Mohr was awarded 2nd place but the certificate does not state for what. Black & white portrait of Adolf Hitler surrounded by a wreath to the left hand side and Paul Von Hindenburg to the right hand side. Date 24th June 1933. Age related yellowing to the card and some soiling, small stains from handling. A very early item of ephemera from the beginning of Nazi rule. Grade II-
Germany: WW2 25 YEAR LOYAL SERVICE MEDAL AND CORRESPONDING VARIANT AWARD DOCUMENT. Medal retains most of it's silvered frosting finish with some age related patina. No chips to the enamel of the swastika. Correct ribbon with hanging device. Award document to Michael Lindner, reserve locomotive driver. May well be the "Preliminary" award document before the official one was presented. Document is slightly larger than A4 size. Printed on Reichsbahn letterhead and dated 1st March 1942. Letter is signed "Heil Hitler!" and has an autopen or facsimile signature of a Reichsbahn official. Document shows some minor creases from being folded in to quarters and some age related yellowing to the paper. Ideal document to be displayed with the corresponding medal. Grade II-
Germany: WW2 STAHLHELM MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATE DATED 3RD SEPTEMBER 1934. Slightly larger than A-4 size certificate with small Stahlhelm symbol (German helmet superimposed over a swastika) to the top left hand side. Certificate is made out to "Alfred Vorwerk" in Hamburg. Signed "Frontheil Hitler!" with an autopen signature of an official. Single fold to the middle, some age related yellowing to the paper. O/a in good displayable condition. Grade II-
Italy: PRE WW2 FASCIST ITALIAN PARTY MEMBERSHIP TICKET 1935, torn centre but repaired, 13th Year of Regime. Grade III+
Russia: SMALL PASS BOOKLET, red cover with Lennon motif. For issue in one of Russia's Baltic states: 'Komjaunatnes Biedra Karte'. Numbered, unissued. Grade I.
Russia: (USSR) I.D. Booklet to an officer of the MGB state security. 1949 dated. Photo shows officer in uniform with medals. Grade II-
Russia: C/1950'S MVD BADGE AWARD BOOKLET. Hard cover. Grade II-
South Vietnam: IDENITY CARD. Has photo and finger print. Grade II -
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