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Poland: : POST WW2 PILOT'S DRESS DAGGER. Cream coloured plastic grip with chromed hilt fittings. Double-edged blade in VGC. Black leather scabbard with chromed fittings. Polish pilots traditional badge to the top scabbard mount. Scabbard throat lip section and the screw-in stud from the lower scabbard mount's tip, now both missing. Licence req in Vic. Grade II- (Lot number out of order)
 SOLD at A$120
Germany: WW2 DRK (GERMAN RED CROSS) SUBORDINATE'S HEWER. Plated pot metal hilt and cross guard. The crossguard with the German red cross insignia of an eagle with a Swastika on it's breast incorporated within an oval shield. Correct black plastic grips, chequered obverse and plain reverse. The blade has one straight edge and one sawback edge is in VGC and marked "Ges-Geschutzt." If a marker's logo is present, it is normally on the tang, hidden by the black plastic grip. Black leather blade washer present. The sheet metal scabbard has it's original black enamel painted finish, showing only moderate wear. Nickel scabbard fittings. No dents. A good, original, unrestored example. Grade II
Germany: WW2 ARMY OFFICER'S DAGGER HANGERS IN THEIR CARDBOARD CARTON. Large black ink title to the exterior of the carton's lid "DOLCHGEHANGE" (Dagger Hangers). To each side of the lid, also in black ink is "HEERES = KLEIDERFASSE" (Army Clothing Manufacturer) with the Berlin address. Tissue paper wrapping still present within the carton. A nice set of army dagger hangers, now with light storage marks. Hard to find with carton. A nice addition for the serious German dagger collector. Grade II
Germany: WW2 NSKK 1933 PATTERN SERVICE DAGGER. Brown wooden grip with nickel-silver crossguards. Inset nickel-silver National emblem (eagle/swastika) to the centre of the obverse grip with an inset enamel and silver SA Runic emblem below the upper crossguard. The reverse of the lower crossguard is stamped "WM" being an abbreviation for the Gruppe/District of Westmark. The blade is in VGC, with in/ out wear only. The obverse of the blade is etched with the motto "ALLES FUR DEUTSCHLAND" (ALL FOR GERMANY). The blade's reverse has the marker's name and company logo, ANTON WINGEN JR SOLINGEN. Original black painted finish to the dent free steel scabbard. Only minor to the painted finish. Upper and lower scabbard are still in VGC. Licence required in Victoria. Grade II
Germany: WW2 EARLY SA DAGGER. Manufactured by Paul Weyersberg & Co Solingen. Dark brown wooden grips showing only minor wear. Small chip to reverse where the grip meets the silver nickel crossguard. Crossguard Gruppe marked to the reverse with a small "S". Nicely detailed w/m NSDAP eagle and swastika set in to the wooden grip. Enamel and w/m SA runes inlaid in to the upper grip. Nickel silver fittings showing some age patina. Unsharpened blade with scabbard wear only. Clear acid etched motto "Alles fur Deutschland." Reverse ricasso marked "Paul Weyersberg & Co Solingen" around an image of a wreath and sword. Later period scabbard with plated w/m fittings. Brown enamelled finish is in good condition, with only minor scratches and wear. Dagger fits well in to the scabbard. Scabbard may have been a replacement at some stage for an earlier damaged one. Please note a licence is req in Vic. O/A Grade II-
INDIA 18TH - 19TH CENTURY KATAR (PUSH DAGGER). Handle of all steel construction with the vertical lateral bars having a design of longitudinal lines to their exteriors. The two inner horizontal bars with a central bulge. Ornate shaped handle projections with three rivets which hold the blade in place. Straight blade that tapers to a point. A central fuller extends approx, two thirds along the length of the blade. Light o/a pitting, more pronounced on the handle. (P)
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