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WW2 POLICE OFFICER'S PARADE BAYONET (POLIZEI SEITENGEWEHR) WITH FROG AND PORTAPEE. Ornate nickel plated eagle head pommel and oak leaves designed cross guard. Non affix able bayonet (no slot or press button). Stag horn grip with a nickel plated eagle/swastika within an oak leaves wreath affixed to the front grip. A small area of plating damage/wear to the blackstrap at the rear of the eagle's head. Police property mark and weapon number stamped into the reverse cross guard, "PHD 576" Matching markings stamped to the reverse of the upper scabbard mount. The blade's spine also has a police property mark stamped into it. The 33cms long blade is in VGC. To the reverse ricasso is the maker "CARL EICKHORN SOLINGEN" with the company logo. The black leather scabbard has nickel plated fittings, leather and plating still in VGC. Brown leather frog also in VGC. The reverse of the frog is dated "1937" with the manufacturer's name and location and also presumably the original owner's initials "GWL". Municipal Protection Police officer's potepee attached to the frog. The aluminium thread on the black leather strap has a short section of wear situated behind the bayonet grip and is not very noticeable. A nice example, complete and ready for display. Grade II
WW2 BAYONET TRODDEL (tassel). Light grey cloth strap with a woven gold coloured slide, red stem and a gold cap to the field grey woven cord acorn. For Infantry Regt., Batl., 1, Company 7. Also the same troddel was used by Army and Navy artillery units, being Unit 1, Battery 6. Shows service use with light soiling and minor wear to the slide. Grade II-.
WW2 BAYONET TRODDEL (tassel). Light beige coloured strap which has an integrated pattern. Light beige slide, crown and woven cord ball. Teal blue stem. A choice example. Grade II.
WW2 BAYONET TRODDEL (tassel). Brownish grey coloured strap and ball, the strap with an integrated pattern. Very light beige slide, stem and crown. All in very good condition. Grade II.
WW2 BAYONET TRODDEL (tassel). Light beige coloured strap which has an integrated pattern. Lighter beige slide and crown. Brown stem. Light beige woven cord ball. All in VGC. Grade II.
WW2 HITLER YOUTH (HJ) BAYONET. In new condition with some minor wear/scratches to the scabbard. HJ enamel and w/m diamond shaped insignia to the grip with central black enamel swastika. The original HJ bayonets (not knives, which are relatively common) are exceptionally rare with only a few examples manufactured. REPRODUCTION The ideal gap filler at a small fraction of the cost of the original. Grade II+ (P)
 SOLD at A$100
Germany: WW2 MODEL 1884/98 3rd MODEL BAYONET AND STEEL SCABBARD WITH LEATHER FROG. For Mauser Kar 98K. Timber grips with screws. Wartime coded "42ASW". Lovely blued blade. Mis- matched numbers. Frog marked "Finhold Adam (From) Mainz". Displays very well. Grade II-
WW2 LUFWAFFE BAYONET TRODDEL (tassel). Dark green woven material covered ball and end dot. White or cream coloured crown (crown is soiled and shows some fraying to the weave). Small grey leather slide and leather strap for attaching to a bayonet. Reverse of leather strap has some ink stamping but the only discernible marking is the date '1939'. Grade II-
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