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Great Britain/Australia: WW2 MKII ANTI TANK MINE. Complete with top cover and spring. Dated 1941. Nice clean example with original paint finish. Very hard to upgrade from this example. Inert. Grade II+ (P)
 SOLD at A$450
Great Britain/Australia: WW2 MKII ANTI-TANK MINE. Complete with cover plate dated 1941. The spring bracket on underside of the cover broken off. Cover fits but does not move up and down. Dent to cover and side of body. Repainted black. Inert. Hard to find Rare. . Grade II-
Germany: WW2 TELLERMINE 42. SCARCE EXAMPLE OF THIS INFAMOUS DEVICE. Battlefield dug example from Russia. Relic condition with o/a heavy rusting and pitting. Remnants of grey painted finish. Could possibly be carefully cleaned back and repainted. Consists of charge container, pressure/ main cover plate and small fuse cover plate. Base plate section is present, but separated from the main body of the mine. No carry handle. An exceptionally difficult item to obtain, in any condition. It should be noted that Australian Customs does not allow any type of inert ordinance including mines to be imported in to this country anymore. Totally inert. Grade III
 SOLD at A$550
Germany: WW2 GLASMINE 43, An antipersonnel mine, especially hard to detect and was used in large number against the allied forces in the west. Clear glass bowl with an amber coloured glass top plate, both in VGC. C/W the inner steel plate which is badly rusted. Grade II-
 SOLD at A$300
Germany: WW2 GLASMINE 43. An anti-personnel mine, the body made entirely from glass. Originally used with mechanical igniters, later models with a chemical igniter. Inert. This example includes the thin glass top plate used to keep the soil out when concealing the mine. A hard to detect mine was used in large numbers against the allies in the West. Grade II
 SOLD at A$300
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