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CIRCA 1930s - EARLY 1940s TRIBAL AXE. Congo region. Black ebony handle terminating with a small section of ivory or bone to it's base. The top of the handle flares out and has circular designs carved into each side. The thin steel blade fits through a slot in the top of the handle. Axe head length is 17.5cms. Length of handle is approx 38cms. Grade II-
LATE 1800s - EARLY 1900s TUAREG LANCE. An old hand- forged iron lance of the type called 'Allar'. Spear pointed lance head with a central median ridge, sharp blade edges and originally with 2 lower barbs, one now missing. Length of lance blade is approx. 26cms. Another 16cms below the lance blade, on the iron shaft are another 2 barbs. Bands of brass rings are inserted at intervals along the entire length of the tubular iron shaft. The bottom 50cm of the lance is flatted out and terminates in a flared section with a reasonably shape edge. There is a brass circular disc affixed to the shaft which divides the flattened section from the tubular section. O/a length is 207.5cm. A well made old lance from the Sahara region. Grade II-
EARLY C20th SPEAR. This spear is approx. 138cm long, the socket head is 33cm long with a leaf shaped blade 22cm long. The spear head is very well forged with a few medial ridge running through the blade with hollow forged fullers, a sharp point and fine, sharp, bevelled cutting edges. The thin shaft is made from a dark bramble like wood and is in VGC, considering its age and diameter. There is a twisted steel counter balance attached to the base of the shaft. A good, complete and unusual quality spear. Grade II
C19th ZULU KNOBKERRIE. A 74cms long timber shaft with a small bulbous timber head, this now showing some minor age cracks. The shaft and head are made from a length of two toned timber, this being a rich, dark brown and a contrasting very light/pale colour. A very attractive knobkerrie. Grade II-
C19th ZULU KNOBKERRIE. Possibly a child's example or an Officer's swagger stick, but not a fighting example. A well made example with a light and dark brown grain to the timber. A think timber shaft approximately 69cms long with a very small bulbous head. A slither of timber has broken off the base of the shaft on one side, which appears to have happened a very long time ago, o/w the knobkerrie is in G/C. Grade II-
LATE C19th BEADED KNOBBERY. Wooden shaft and ball end. Covered in a geometric bead decoration of green, blue, red, black and white. Now with areas of bead lost. O/A length is 100cm. Grade III+
C20th ZULU SPEAR. Steel, leaf shaped blade 19cm long and 3.5cm at it's widest point with a circular steel tang protruding for 13cm from the wooden shaft. The tang fits into the wooden shaft (old split marks to either side of the shaft where the tang has been inserted) and has a short length of hide binding, this now with some hair loss and deterioration. Thick wooden shaft, approx, 95cm long. O/a length approx. 126.5cm. This spear is one of a number of weapons that were confiscated by the authorities during a localised Zulu uprising in 1928. A period made spear although the blade could be much older. Grade II-
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Early C20th ZULU KNOBKERRIE. A light coloured timber example timber example with a length of 79cms. Appears to have seen use, the bulbous head with an old shallow depression mark to one side. This was one of a number of weapons confiscated by authorities during a localised Zulu uprising in 1928 but this example is a much earlier made piece. Grade II
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