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cWWI 77mm Artillery brass shell 1907 dated, head stamped "PA" Frid.Krupp AG. Inert. WWII Safe Conduct Pass, type issued to surrendering German Soldiers with German and English text. Interesting German Red Cross document. Oerlikon grips (2) Plus piece of fabric purported to be from Baron von Richthofen's plane. (7)
WWI MG08 ammunition tin. Clear evidence of once having a triple colour camouflage painted finish with approx 30% remaining. Some light surface rust o/w nice example. (P)
 SOLD at A$170
WWI watch fob chain given to patriotic German citizens who gave their gold jewellery to the fatherland to help with the war effort. Iron links separated in 3 places with oval links with text. 'In Eiserne zeit' (Iron times) & 'Gold Zur Wehr 1916/Eisen Zur EHR". Nickel watch chain clip one end & button hole hook on other end. Scarce.
Medal: 1900 Torpedo-Boat Division medal. Double Eagle holding sword & sceptre with arms of Cologne on its breast, crown above, rev. View of city of Cologne & cathedral with shipping on Rhine in foreground. Legend SM Torpedo boats Division 1900. The medal has been made into a brooch with the sky above Cologne fret worked out. Nice trench art piece. (P)
Medal WWII Order of the German Eagle Third Class without Swords (1943-45). A truly spectacular Third Reich award! White enamel & silver construction. Maltese pattern Cross with ea of the 4 arms of the Cross in white enamel with a fine silver border. German Eagles at ea cnr of the Cross carrying a swastika in a wreath, with a white enamel background. Age related patina to the silver components of the cross. To the top arm of the Cross is a semi-circular fan to which the suspension ring is attached. Suspension ring marked '900' for high silver content & '21' for noted maker of fine Third Reich awards 'Gebruder Godet & Co, Berlin' The suspension ring is then in turn attached to the neck ribbon by a 'fan' suspender device (large loop with 3 raised ribs). The 46mm wide white black & red neck ribbon is approx 540mm in length, slightly tapered & hemmed at both ends. Thin 220mm long red ribbon to ea end of the main neck ribbon for attaching the ribbon for wear. Some minor abrasions to the enamel, mostly to the reverse (as expected from wear). Tiny chip to the enamel to the very end of the right hand side of the six o'clock arms of the Cross.. Really only visible with a jeweller's glass, but had to be mentioned. This strikingly handsome award would make a sensational centrepiece to a Third Reich collection. (P)
 AVAILABLE at A$2300
Medals: WWII Commemorative medal for the Austrian Anschluss, 13 March 1938. Commemorative medal for the Annexation of the Sudetenland 1 October 1938. 1939 War Merit Cross with swords 2nd Class with ribbon, War Merit Cross 2nd Class without swords (no ribbon). War Merit medal without ribbon. Plus 120mm length of ribbon for the Blue Division medal. In our opinion all genuine. (6)
 SOLD at A$220
Medals WWII: 1939-44 West Wall Medal (German Defences Medal) in original envelope of issue. 1940 War Merit Medal. 1939 Wound badge 2nd class. gVF - UNC. (3)
 SOLD at A$100
Medal WWII German-Italian Africa Campaign medal (Italienisch-Deutscher Feldzug in Afrika) by Lorioli Milano. Reverse design partially erased ribbon tatty. Genuine.
 SOLD at A$50
Medal WWII original SS 7 Year Long Service with original pin to rear & tear drop suspension ring. (P)
Medal: WWII 1939 War Merit Cross with Swords.
Medals WWII: 1939-44 West Wall Medal (German Defences Medal) in original envelope of issue. 1940 War Merit Medal. 1939 Wound badge 2nd class. gVF - UNC. (3)
Medals & Badges: WWII 1939 War merit Cross 1st class with swords, a very convincing example of the Otto Schickle pattern. 1939 War Merit Cross 1st Class without swords. A very convincing example of the Otto Schickle pattern. Both with Coke bottle pin on reverse. NSDAP Golden party badge, gilt & enamel. Good museum quality copy with Seschler makers mark. Waffen SS cap eagle & death head badges. Officers single blank collar tab. 1939 Wound badge in gold. DLV hat badge, 1939 Iron Cross 1st Class. Other ranks army cap eagle, Luftwaffe cap eagle, SS Long Service medal, Luftwaffe wreathed cap badge. SS Membership card. Social Welfare Decoration with ribbon, the eagle centre piece is detached. Some nice lookers but all presumed copies. (16)
 SOLD at A$275
Afrikakorps WWII Tropical M31 water bottle. Aluminium bottle with bakelite screw cap & field grey felt cover. Complete with tropical web carrier & bakelite cup. WWII original Afrikakorps aluminium helmet shields for the tropical pith helmet Eagle shield & tri-colour shield both with 3 prong reverse. The Eagle shield maker marked. Italy WWII Army issue water bottle. Has blanket material cover which is missing base & mothed. Stitching has come undone at top. Has tan web shoulder strap but very well worn. As used in North Africa. (4)
Armband: WWII DRK (German Red Cross) machine woven armband. Standard pattern with central red cross & encircled wording 'Deutsches Rotes Kreuz' Unjoined ends, light soiling to white background. Grade II.
 SOLD at A$160
Badge Colonial Merit (the Lion Order) in silver. issued in 1922 by the German Colonial Veteran's Union, rev 'In Memoriam' 'Ges Gesch' & 'NR 34162'. Approx 46x46mm, vertical pin back. VGC. Rare. (P)
Badge: WWII Luftwaffe Ground Assault badge by Osang Dresden. Pin included but not attached to badge (easily fixed). In our opinion badge is genuine.
 SOLD at A$140
Badges & clasps: Iron Cross 1939 Spange. Army/Waffen-SS Special Grade of the General Assault badge 1943 Grade V for 100 Engagements. Naval Destroyer War badge 1940. Luftwaffe Pilot Badge. Luftwaffe Dive Bomber Squadron clasp. All nicer lookers but all presumed high quality copes. (5).
 SOLD at A$170
Badges: Naval 1st Pattern E-Boat War Badge. Luftwaffe Fliers Commemorative badge. Luftwaffe Ground Combat badge. Luftwaffe Reconnaissance Air/Sea Rescue clasp Badge of Honour of the Dr Fritz Todt Prise. All nice lookers but all presumed high quality copies (5).
 SOLD at A$160
Badges & Shields: Cholm 1942, Krim 1942, Warsaw 1944 Shield, 1939 Spange for Iron Cross 1st Class & 2nd Class Badges inc Flak badge 1941, Anti Partisan War badge Naval U-Boat badge & others (9). Several with faults. All presumed to be copies. (17).
 SOLD at A$275
Badges: WWII Hitler Youth Proficiency breast badge (HJ Leistungsabzeichen) iron class (blackened alloy) with pin to the reverse. Hitler Youth membership badge, enamel with pin to the reverse. Deutscher Frauenhilfsdienst (Women's Auxiliary Service) lapel membership badge, silvered bronze & enamel, excellent quality, slight wear. Original pin to the reverse & in good condition. A fine looking original badge. Scarce. In our opinion all genuine. (3) (P)
 SOLD at A$160
Badges/Tokens: WWII Collection of 47 3rd Reich Winter War Effort donation badges/tokens (WHW). Fascinating variation. A good representative selection. WWII period military figures sold by the WHW to raise funds for the war guns, planes, ships, half-track, mounted troops, sub, bomb etc all 25-50mm (19). Genuine. (66)
 SOLD at A$160
Badges & Clasps: 1939-45 Inc Jemjansk, Naruik, Kuban & Lovient shields, Army/Waffen SS Close Combat clasp (2), Wound badges (3), Turk Battle badge & Infantry Assault badge. Navy - Minesweepers, Auxiliary Cruiser, High Seas Fleet, Coastal Artillery badges & others inc 1939 Iron Cross spange on WWI ribbon (2). Few faulty, most OK. Some look OK but presumed copies. (26)
 SOLD at A$275
Badges: WWII Destroyers War Badge. Luftwaffe Minesweepers, Sub-chasers & Escort Vessels war badge. Luftwaffe Pilot's badge. Luftwaffe Radio Operator/Air Gunner badge (broken pin). Parachutists badge. 1 or 2 could be genuine, others good quality replicas. (5)
 SOLD at A$250
Bayonet: WWII K98 FW Holler bayonet with wooden handle, scabbard & frog. Blade is stamped S/175G. Minor surface rust to scabbard & pommel. Overall GC.
 SOLD at A$150
Belt buckles: WWI (3), WWII (10) plus Turkey (3). Few look ok but all presumed copies. Mostly diff. (16).
 SOLD at A$190
Belt Buckle: WWI Prussian enlisted ranks brass belt buckle the centre with "Gott Mitt Uns' motto, 2 prong reverse. WWI Wound badge in black. WWII Inter-war period War Veterans Association medal (Kyffhauserbund Medal) no clasps, with original ribbon. In our opinion all genuine. (3)
Boots: WWII Winter Boots with leather foot portion & knee high felt shafts (minor moth). Boots have been resoled with rubber soles. Overall G condition. Good display item.
 SOLD at A$100
Boots: WWII Army Officer & Non-Commissioned Officer long black leather boots. Leather soled with rubber heel plates by Berson. Good size about 7-8. VGC. (P)
Campaign Shields: WWII Krim arm shield well worn example with all the bronze finish worn off, secured to the backing plate with 4 flat folding prongs & missing the wool backing surround. Still a fair example. WWII Kuban shield. Gilt finish remaining but with much oxidised spotting, full army wool backing, complete with backing plate sealed with original paper reverse. Another with all gilt finish worn off, Army wool backing trimmed short, has metal backing plate & 4 flat prong reverse, no paper to the reverse. Possibly removed from a tunic. In our opinion all genuine. (3) (P)
 SOLD at A$200
Badges: WWII German Red Cross (DRK) Membership lapel badge, white metal & enamel, pin back reverse. Enlisted ranks district arm band, BEVO woven triangle with eagle & swastika & bearing the district title of 'Whittlage', looks to be removed from a tunic. Officer's single collar tab, grey wool with silver bullion piping & single red enamel cross to centre. WHW donation button 24mm. WWII single army infantry ranks cuff listen from the parade tunic. Small red painted circular tin stamped in raised relief on the lid "Frostschutz Salbe SS Pakung" (frostbite prevention ointment). German coins 1923-42 (5). In our opinion all genuine.
 SOLD at A$170
Documents: WWII National Railways Workers identity card. National Community Civilian monthly contribution card. Reichsfettcarte (Reichs Fat Card), rationing sheet for children 3-6 years. Blue paper ration docket for meat, Winter Donation coupons. WWII Military maps of France & Scandinavia, German stamps & banknotes (6). Album postcards (40+) mainly caWWI used & unused plus 7 Commem cards for opening of Villers Bretoneux Australian Memorial, plus sets & part sets of modern collectable cards.
 SOLD at A$120
Flag WWII Naval Battle Flag (Kreigsflagge) with swastika in centre & iron cross upper right. Approx 1400x720mm. GC. Scarce.
 SOLD at A$275
Headgear: Imperial Prussian Army Officer's peaked cap. ca1890-1900. Blue melton wool with black fibre visor, red piping & black cap band. State cockade, no national cockade, visor restiched, some wear to sweatband, inner lining sweat stained o/w GC with no mothing. Maker Carl Richter, Marburg.
Headgear: WWII Army Artillery Officer's visor cap, field grey wool with dark green band & red Waffenfarbe piping. Original officer's silver bullion eagle & bullion wreath with metal cockade. Black vulcan fibre visor with brown chequered underside & silver bullion officer's chin cords. Some mothing around bullion badge, sweat band very worn, small mothing under rim, soiling on top. Still quite collectible. (P)
 SOLD at A$350
Headgear: WWII Water Ways Police Officer's side cap. Navy blue wool with full rayon lining. Post 1942 period gold cellulon Officer's piping. BEVO woven cap Eagle to front. Scarce. (P)
Kriegsmarine WWII Officers bullion breast eagle, gilt embroidered on dark blue, lovely original example removed from a tunic. Kriegsmarine tally band. Single Kriegsmarine Coastal Artillery Officers shoulder strap, dull silver with 2 pips for Kapitanleutnant, artillery centre device & green underlay. Naval & Coastal Artillery buttons (5). In our opinion all genuine. (8) (P)
Luftwaffe WWII pair of EMS shoulder boards, slip-on style, yellow piping for Flight Section/Paratrooper, minor fading & mothing. Luftwaffe 2nd pattern enlisted ranks visor cap eagle, pressed alloy with 2 folding prongs to the reverse. Another with only 2 folding prngs. Single Luftwaffe Flak enlisted rank collar tab, red wool with single alloy gull to the centre, some moth holes. Luftwaffe rank patch for Gefreiter (Lance Corporal). WWII Wreckage bits of a Messerschmitt BF 109 G-6 underlying panel release clips (2) with original paint. In our opinion all genuine. (7)
Luftwaffe WWII Model 1943 enlisted man's field cap. Luftwaffe blue-grey wool body with full blue cotton lining to the interior. Missing one button to the front that normally secures the turn-down flaps. One piece embroidered enlisted ranks pattern insignia. Marked to the interior with size stamp '57'. Only minor service wear. In our opinion genuine. (P)
Luftwaffe WWII Pilot's adjustable model 306 flying goggles & storage tin. Standard teardrop design metal frames with aviator-style clear glass lenses, olive green painted aluminium frames with rubber eye sockets, ea of the eye sockets stitched to the framework of clear lenses. Rubber no longer supple. Head strap replaced. Comes with small square-shaped storage tin & replacement lenses, dent to side. Also used by all services as universal all purpose goggles.
Luftwaffe WWII Officer's visor cap. Luftwaffe blue-grey wool body with Officer's silver piping. Black mohair cap band with bullion cap badge & separate zinc cockade. Missing the Officer's bullion cap Eagle. Has officer's silver bullion chin cords. Has black vulcan fibre visor. The top of the cap heavily mothed. Rayon lining & brown leather sweatband to the interior, this with some wear & soiling. Some overall restoration needed. Genuine.
 SOLD at A$250
Luftwaffe WWII Flying Jacket (Flight protective suit BLB 41). Textbook example of the early war period waist jacket in blue grey fabric with fur collar & full black sheep skin lining. Full zipper front & zippers to both cuffs. An officer's bullion breast eagle to the right side chest. Jacket has seen many years of service, some repairs. Much deterioration to the material of both arms. Inner quite good condition outer somewhat relic condition. Still a rare jacket. (P)
Pipe: WW2 Waffen-SS Feldpost issue tobacco pipe. Small dark wooden bowl with a carved design. Metal neck ring & a black bakelite stem. Unused condition. Comes with a coloured print of the original "SS" stamped Feldpost cardboard box with the pipes & their wrappings. Rare, Grade II.
 SOLD at A$110
Rifle cleaning kit k98 WWII dated 1937 & waffle mat marked with eagle WaA439 & Mundlos 1937. Contains large brush, small brush, oil bottle, cleaning tool/spoon. Other items: Military rifle slings 2 web & 2 leather inc slings for M16, SKS AK & German WWII K98 rifles. (5)
 SOLD at A$100
Signature: Hermann Goering. Translation swearing in/verification certificate on the Fuhrer & Reichschancellor. I have done officially. I swear (an oath of allegiance) to the Fuhrer of the German nation and people, Adolf Hitler, to be true to the law & (perform) my duties conscientiously, so help me God (printed). Reverse in pen. Please (present yourself for duty) the gentleman Reichsmarschall. Signed Gering. In our opinion genuine, as far as we can tell.
 SOLD at A$500
Signature: General Walther von Brauchitsch. Large original signed printed & embossed promotion document dated 31-7-39 appointing Major General Kurt Von Briessen as a Lieut General. Document signed Adolph Hitler (appears printed signature) & Commander Chief of the German Army General Heinrich Alfred Hermann Walther von Brauchitsch (sl faded). Von Brauchitsch was appointed Commander in Chief of the Germany Army in 1938. Directed invasion of Poland, Norway, Denmark, France & the Low Countries. He was promoted to General Field Marshallin 1940. Led German army against USSR. Sacked after failed Moscow offensive. He died before being tried for War Crimes in 1948. A rare survivor. (P)
 SOLD at A$1000
Signature SS Obergruppenfuhrer Ernst Kaltenbrunner SS Obergruppenfuhrer, General d Pol, head of security Police under Himmler 6-9-45 in pencil. On trial as a War Criminal in Nuremberg on Counts I, II & IV of the indictments. A brief autograph note signed in pencil. Type written details of his rank & status underneath. A small B&W prison photo (copy) is included. Purchased from ABE books in 2010. In our opinion, genuine.
 SOLD at A$300
Tableware: WWII Adolf Hitler formal pattern table napkin. White linen napkin in geometric pattern with hand embroidered eagle & swastika flanked by 'AH' initials to one corner. Approx 580mmx580mm. Light soiling & hand-written ink 'RMR' underneath on edge. Repaired hole near the edge. These napkins were reserved for use in the Reich's Chancery & Hitler's residence at the Berghoff & were known to have been frequently liberated as souvenirs by US servicemen at the end of WWII.
 SOLD at A$150
Tableware: Kreigsmarine (Navy) marked double condiment dish WWII original Army mess hall aluminium fork. Army issue with eagle/swastika on the handle. Dated 1942 & maker marked S&HL. Luftwaffe mess hall aluminium serving ladle. Luftwaffe eagle/swastika to the handle dated "40(1940). Maker marked GAG. Adolph Hitler bust in white with crowned N makers mark at back. The last not seen by us before so no opinion, the first 3 genuine.
 SOLD at A$150
Tableware: 1st SS (Leibstandarte Adolph Hitler) Division Cup & Saucer. Maker Arzberg Cup with tiny chip o/w VGC. Offered on its merits. Looks genuine but we can find no other examples of these to be able to pass on opinion. (P)
WWII Original Winterhilfswerk Donation Tin, grey painted by Wesco. The original paper label now long removed. Has provision for both coins & paper note donations through the top of the lid. Winterhilfswerk (Winter-help-work) was an annual charitable donation event held by the 'NS Volkswohlfahrt' (National Socialist-peoples-Welfare-Organisation) in which personnel from all of the NSDAP organisations would solicit donations from the public & reward contributors with a wide variety of the lapel badges or propaganda booklets. About 80% paint. GC.
 SOLD at A$120
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