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Australia: Medals & badges inc Aust WWI Victory Medal impressed Dvr F R Corran 5 DAC AIF in original box, BWM 416 Sgt LA Woodward 1 Bn AIF (missing top bar of suspender), Thailand Safeguarding Freedom Against Communism, USA Army Commendation Medal, Poland Cross of Valour & WWII Service Medal plus a Belgian medal (Australian no ribbons) plus 3 gilt & enamel shooting medals & 2 shooting badges. Also inc Aust Army shoulder boards for Lt Col 2 Cav & Col CDO, cap & shoulder badges (6) & cloth patches (9). (30+ items plus buttons)
 SOLD at A$180
Australia: WWI BWM & Victory medal pr impressed 4099 Pte W Dixon 2-PNR BN AIF (no ribbons) gVF. (2).
Australia: WWI Victory medal, impressed. 601 T-Cpl. M McAleer 7LHR AIF. gVF.
 SOLD at A$100
Australia WWII Africa/Pacific group of 6 to Gunner Walter Leslie Joseph Rampling 2/5 FD Regt Arty 7 Div. Inc 1939/45 Star, Africa Star, Pacific Star, Defence Medal, War Medal & Australian Service Medal. Stars officially engraved & medals impressed to NX23676 W L J Rampling. Gunner Rampling enlisted AIF 31 May 1940. Discharged 22 Aug 1945.
Australia Vietnam pr to 2784903 Sergeant Brian Joseph Lynch Royal Australian Army Ordnance Corps. Vietnam Medal (impressed) & South Vietnam Campaign Medal (engraved) (no clasp) both to 2784903 B J Lynch. Lynch did 2 tours Dec 1967-Dec 1968 & Mar 1970-Mar 1971. gVF.
Australian awarded replica medals, Air Crew Europe (quality copy), Colonial Meritorious Service Medal, Royal Naval LSGC, Army LSGC Australia, Efficiency Decoration Australia, Efficiency Medal Australia, RAF LSGC, GSM Malaya QEII, CSM Borneo, AASM Vietnam, Korea Pair, Vietnam pair, DFSM, Rhodesia Medal 1980. (16)
 SOLD at A$200
Australia replica medals. Cross of Valour, Star of Gallantry, Star of Courage, Conspicuous Service Cross, Bravery Medal, Medal of the Order of Australia, AASM 1991, ASM 1945-75, ASM 1975-, Reserve Force Decoration, Reserve Force Medal, National Medal. Replica Malaysia/Vietnam group of 7 AASM Malaysia/Vietnam clasp, CSM Borneo, Vietnam pair, ASM SE Asia, DFSM & clasp, National Medal (Vietnam Medal is broken). (12 medals plus group of 7)
 SOLD at A$200
Great Britain: 1854-66 Crimea & New Zealand group of 4 to Royal Artillery. Crimea Medal 3 clasps Alma, Inkermann, Sebastopol (bars sl bent). Regimentally engraved to 'JM STURROCK RL ARTILLERY' name worn medal bang. New Zealand Medal (undated reverse) Regimentally impressed '1164 BOMBER J STURROCK ROYAL ARTY'. Army Long Service & Good Conduct Medal 2nd type Regimentally impressed CORPL J STURROCK CBDERA' Turkish Crimea 1855 Sardinian Issue unnamed as issued (replacement suspender). Historical details inc a nicely produced booklet with biographical family history & copy of Army Service records confirming in LSGC & bar to medals.
 AVAILABLE at A$1300
Great Britain: 1899-1902 Queens South Africa Medal to Royal Engineers with 5 clasps. Cape Colony, Paardeberg, Driefontein, Transvaal, South Africa 1901. Officially engraved '96 5apr ALP WHITE RE' Medal sl bent, eks & lower 2 clasps curved to prevent ribbon moving. Medal & clasps confirmed on medal roll.
 SOLD at A$110
Great Britain: 1899-1902 Queens South Africa. Medal with Ghost date to the Shropshire Light Infantry with 3 clasps. Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Johannesburg. Officially Impressed '7276 CPL W EDWARDS VOL COY SHROPSHIRE LT INFY.' VF, scuffs, eks, clasps curved to prevent ribbon moving. Confirmed.
 SOLD at A$110
Great Britain: 1899-1902 Queens South Africa Medal to the 2nd East York Regiment with 3 clasps. Cape Colony, Transvaal, Wittebergen. Officially impressed '7056 PTE J BEAL 2 E YORK REGT. VF, eks, clasps curved to prevent ribbon movement. Roll confirmed volunteer company 2nd East Yorks.
 SOLD at A$130
Great Britain: 1899-1902 Queens South Africa Medal to the Kimberley Town Guard with 1 clasp Defence of Kimberley. Officially impressed "CORPL J McCURDY KIMBERLEY TOWN GD' EF, edge bumps, clasp curved to prevent ribbon moving with copy of medal & clasp entitlement.
Great Britain: 1899-1902 Queens South Africa Medal to 13 Royal Field Artillery with 2 clasps Talana, Defence of Ladysmith Officially impressed '24673 DVRHA RUSSELL 13/BTY RFA' VF, noticeable edge bruises. With certificate of verification of entitlement to medal & clasps. Defence of Ladysmith clasp very scarce. Medal & clasps confirmed, invalided 05 July 1900.
 SOLD at A$250
Great Britain: 1899-1902 Queens South Africa Medal to Kings Royal Rifle Corps with 1 clasp Natal. Officially impressed '6366 PTE J G PAYNE KRRC (medal gVF eks, clasp curved to prevent ribbon moving). Together with replica QSA, 4 bars & 1905 Victory copper medalet (3). Roll confirms above medal & clasp earned with 3RRRC. He later qualified for clasps OFS, SA01, SA02 with 4 KRRC before being invalided to England.
 SOLD at A$110
Great Britain: 1899-1902 Queens South Africa Medal to Rifle Brigade with 5 clasps, Cape Colony, Tugela Heights, Relief of Ladysmith, Transvaal, Laing's Nek. Impressed Officially '636 PTE J MAFFEY RIFLE BRIGADE.' VF. Together with his original parchment Certificate of Discharge & Parchment Certificate of Character plus marriage & census details.
 SOLD at A$450
Great Britain: 1899-1902 Queen's & King's South Africa Medal pr to the Gordon Highlanders. QSA with 3 clasps Cape Colony, Laing's Nek, Belfast. KSA 2 clasps SA01, SA02. Both officially impressed '2832 PTE M CARSON GORD HIGHRS' aEF, EF, both with clasp sl curved to prevent medal movement. Both medals & clasps confirmed on medal rolls.
 SOLD at A$240
Great Britain: 1899-1902 Queens & King South Africa Medals to Highland Light Infantry QSA (Ghost date rev) with 3 clasps Modder River, Paardeberg, (these 2 dented) Transvaal. Impressed Officially '4227 CORP W LOGIE 1: HIGH LT INFT' KSA with 2 clasps SA01, SA02. Impressed Officially '4227 PTE W LOGIE HIGHLAND LI. Both medals confirmed on medal rolls.
Great Britain: 1914/15 Star impressed 18377 L-Cpl OF Meidinger Essex R, another 306439 JA Gritt Act L Sto RN, BWM M-400648 Pte TE Strong ASC (no ribbon) plus bag of mostly WWI period buttons, predominantly British but inc 2x German WWI (17). (Total 20 items)
Great Britain: WWI-WWII Group of 5 1914/15 Star, BWM, Victory impressed 17493 Pte J Crooks R Innis Fus, Defence & 1939-45 War medal both un-named as issued, mounted as worn. gVF. (5).
Great Britain: WWI BWM & Victory medal pr impressed 12-50091 Pte H S Ford RIR RIF. gVF-EF. (2).
Great Britain: WWI 1914 Star impressed 8123 Pte A Tomlinson Cheshire Regt. WWI Trio 1914/15 Star, War Medal & Victory Medal all name erased. Victory silvered. All without ribbon. (4).
 SOLD at A$100
Great Britain: WWI Memorial Plaque (Death). named to William Heath (un researched).
Great Britain replica medals awarded to Australians, Khedive Star 1884-5, Egypt Medal Suakin 1885 Bar, New Zealand 1861-66, Queens 3 Bars & Kings South Africa 2 Bars, China 1900, George Cross, DSO, DSC, MC, DCM, George Medal, Military Medal, British Empire medal, all with correct ribbons. (14)
 SOLD at A$180
USA Merchant Marine 1941-45 medal, also US 3 place ribbon bar plus GB replica medals awarded to Australians WWI trio. Mercantile Marine WWII Stars 1939/45, Atlantic Air Crew Europe, Africa, Pacific, Burma, Italy, France & Germany. Defence Medal, War Medal & Australian Service Medal 1939/45. (16 plus ribbon bar).
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