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New South Wales: 1851-53 QV Laureate, no wmk. Specialised Collection with 1d (17) inc shades & with 2 vert prs, range of pmks inc Sydney barred plus oval barred numeral pmks inc Broulee, Windsor, Morpeth & Port Macquarie. 2d (29) inc plate I (16, inc 1 on piece). Noted variety 'double impression'. Plate II (9 inc shades & pmks & plate III 3 (4). Also UN dangerous forgery of plate III (not counted in cat) on thin paper. 3d (8) inc shades. 6d (10) inc 4 re-engraved, 8d (5) inc all shades & range of perfs. Most G-FU in much better than usual condition with many 3-4 margins. SG ex 46-81 cat £10,000+ = A$18,000+. Almost all are diff shades or sub-shades, so excellent for sorting to specialise in this classic issue. (70) (P)
 SOLD at A$4300
New South Wales: Accumulation in hagners 1870s-80s QV 1d brown- red to orange shades (230) & 2d blue (1550), plus 5d Diadem (49), 1897 2½d blue (125), ½d green (600), ½d grey (300), 1d Shield (200), 2d blue (300), others in varying quantities. G-FU, suit researcher. (3700)
 SOLD at A$350
New South Wales: Postal History collection 1920s-80s with 1100 covers & postal stationery, emphasis on postal services/pmks inc 350+ diff PO cds, noted Attunga, Bankstown Airport, Boydtown, Cooks Hill, Gates Head, Jannali, Lord Howe Is (various), Norfolk Is, North Steyne, Rhodes, Towamba, Youngal Camp & 16 diff 1950s TPOs. Then wide array of cover types inc Advertising, Commem cancels inc early 1980s Broken Hill signed Art covers (7) inc Pro Hart (2), DLO/RTS cachets, pre-decimal Postal Stationery (90) inc reg envs & QEII PTPO, Registered Mail (150) inc Antarctic to Newcastle & KGV-QEII Postal Stationery, Official Mail both stamped & stampless, pre-decimal FDC (150), 1980s Tourist Trap pictorial envs U & much more inc 1966 pre-decimal/decimal Combination Covers (2), 1969 Flight FDC signed Hudson-Fysh, Philatelic Exhib covers, plus a solid Sydney collection in Vol 4. Also odd Telegraph Forms inc 1890s-1904 (6) used in Windsor. all4 over-filled 64pg Lighthouse s/books. See website for selected scans. (1100)
South Australia: 1890s on-paper hoard strength in 1d green inc multiples & 2d orange inc large blks plus others to 1/- QV inc prs & mixed frankings. Possible pmk interest, mainly cds & squared circles. Fresh & clean. Unchecked as received from European source. (2000)
 SOLD at A$700
South Australia: 1901-09 un-sorted accumulation with values to 1/- Brown QV, strength in 1d pink & 2d violet (unchecked for plate varieties), sighted private perfins, odd OS opt, multiples & blks. Mixed on/off paper. (3000)
 SOLD at A$350
South Australia: Postmarks 1880s-early 1900s cds/squared circle collection with over 80 diff POs inc Clarendon (RR), Hoyleton, Kalangaroo (R), Laura (RR), Macclesfield (RRR), Port Germain (R), Tea Tree Gully & Way. Also Kapunda 1855 unframed circle on piece with QV. (110)
 SOLD at A$250
Victoria: 1850-59 QV Halflengths 1d, 2d & 3d specialised collection of the various printings, shades & pmks, starting from Ham printings 1st state of Dies 3d blue, 2nd state 3d blue, 3rd state range inc 1d dull red blk of 3, 2d various shades, 3d various shades etc. Then extensive Campbell & Ferguson printings inc 1d inc strip of 3, 3d inc 3 prs etc. Also 1859 3d perf 12 by Robinson, plus cpl Queen on Throne. Mostly G-VF U condition varies as ex 4-78 cat £6400+ = A$11,500+. Valuable starter collection of this fascinating field of classic philately. (67) (P)
 SOLD at A$1900
Victoria: 1890s-early 1900s off paper mix, mostly 1d & 2d, others to 6d seen. Suit researcher noticed Melbourne cds throughout. (2000)
 SOLD at A$180
Victoria Covers: Melbourne Duplex/cds collection (72) 1881-99 inc 1883 Minister of Justice reply free-franked letter sheets (3), 1883 (2K) to Berlin, 1883 (7F) to Scotland with boxed 'TOO LATE' cachet. 1886 (15V) to USA. 1892 (2S) on 1d red-brown QV PTPO? Envelope, 1892 (17H) to Lawson with NSW 2d green Postage Due. 1893 (8X) on 2d pink envelope with 'Unclaimed At South Melbourne' cachet. 1897 (9H) on 1½d UPU card & 1899 (9A) on 'Beer & Baccy' card with reverse advertisement. Also 4 other 1850s-early 1900s covers. Mostly F-VF. (76)
Victoria: Postal History Collection 1920s-80s with 380 covers/postal stationery opening with 1936 Missent To Albert Park & 1946 Missent To Armadale boxed cachets. Then registered mail (87) with KGV era (12) inc Hawthorn South, Longwarry (red), Murchison East (red), Telegraph Office Geelong, Yackandandah (black) & 1937-67 (75) inc Birdwoodton Koogong Rd m/s (on 1 Sep 1938 hard illustrated 9d Platypus FDC), Mentone East 1967 m/s (2) inc Airmail to Thailand, Moonee Ponds West, Novar, Preston South (2, both Airmail to Yugoslavia), Pilchers Bridge (provisional), Rosebud West, Tooronga (provisional), assorted KGVI 5½d-QEII 24c reg envs (22). Cds pmks on cover (100 diff POs) inc Brighton East Depot, Bendigo Markets, Elsternwick North, Geelong Ford Works, (on 4 Dec 1944 KGVI 2d violet FDC, cat $80) Glen Iris Upper, Marrond, Middle Camberwell, Pennydale, Surrey Hills South, Upper Yarra Dam & Yallourn East. Special/Commem cancels inc Bendigo Exhibition 1951, French Fair 1958, Melbourne Philatelic Exhib 1928 (blue & red), 1956 Melbourne Olympics Pictorials (12 diff), ANPEX 1950 Melbourne (3) & Yallourn green cds. Plus usages inc Airmail rates to Asia & Europe. Beaut little collection punching well above its weight. See website for selected scans. (380).
Western Australia: 1854 Swan 4d blue & 1/- brown, 1979 'reprint' sheets from the original stones in both colour & b&w inc the famous INVERTED Swan variety plus ½ size reprints showing the full 'plate'. (6 pgs).
 SOLD at A$90
Western Australia Revenues 1904-40 horiz Swan collection with 1904-06 Engraved bicolours (22) inc 30/-, £1 (3), 10/- & 5/-. 1906-40 Lithographs (90) various wmks & perfs inc 1906 £5, 1911 15/- & 30/-, 1920 £1 Greenish-grey & lilac, 1923 £1 black & violet. Attractively presented on leaves, mostly F-VF. (112). (P)
 SOLD at A$500
Accumulation in s/book: All States represented inc NSW Official Perfins, Tasmania 1899 Pics 3d (4), 4d (19), 5d (7), 6d (9) cat £600+, VIC non-letter rate QV & WA early Swans. G-FU. (544)
 SOLD at A$275
Collection: Australia & States Used 1854-1960 on pgs. NSW 1860-72 QV Diadem vals to 1/- perf. 1871-83 QV to 1/-. 1888-89 Centenary to 5/-. 1906-07 Pics to 2/6. Queensland 1861-79 QV Chalons to 1/- plus wmks & perfs. 1907-08 QV to 2/-. Tasmania 1857-70 QV Chalon 2d & 4d imperf. 1871-91 QV to 10d. 1899-1900 Pic set to 6d. South Australia 1855 QV 6d imperf. 1860-78 QV to 2/- inc roulettes/perfs. Victoria 1854 QV Woodblock 6d. 1865-82 QV Laureate vals to 1/-. 1885 Stamp Duty opt 4d & 2/- Western Australia. 1861 Swan 2d blue 1865-90 Swan vals to 1/-. Australia 1902-60 Postage Due selection inc 1903 to 2/-, 1906-08 to 6d, 1909-21 ½d to 5/-, 1931-36 to 1/-, 1946-60 set to 5/- & 1953-60 to 2/-. Almost all diff inc shades, wmks, perfs etc. Mostly F-VF U, sl mixed in parts. SG cat £2800+ = A$5000+. (400).
 SOLD at A$550
Postmarks: CDS collection 1914-35 on KGV ½d to 1/4 with at least 1000 diff, all States represented inc Agents Hill, Argyle, Baryulgil, Bingerra Plantation (4½d), Bowen (4d blue), Burracoppin, Burrenjuck (4d lemon), Brisbane ETO (1/4), Calignee, Currajung, Cope Cope, Cowaramup & Cunderin to name but a few! Mostly F-VF part strikes to almost comp cds. Unchecked for varieties/shades amongst the 1d reds! (1160)
Revenues: Queensland 1920s Producers Association 1d red-brown (3) on separate Cooper Bros invoices. Scarce. Bft cat £15 ea as single stamps. Buffalo Fly 1d, 3d 93), 2/6 on 1955 Invoice & 2d, 2/6 on 1956 Invoice, a pr of scarce documents Bft cat £60 as single stamps alone. Early 1970s Buffalo Fly (120) inc vals to $2, singles/multiples on ledger fragments Bft cat £1600+. 1924 Workers Card with 3d Unemployment Insurance (52) attached (Bft cat £75). Victoria 1930s Relief Tax (125) to 3/- many still attached to ledger fragments, Bft cat £625. Plus 1930s SG colour guide with 100 diff vignettes attached. Total Bft ca £2400+. (400)
 SOLD at A$400
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