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Junior album & s/book of U decimal sets 1966-89, binder with 25 hagners crammed with decimal sets mostly CTO to 1990, 2 albums with 140 FDC 1982-89, few earlier -noted special pmks, airmail & Antarctic covers. Then 1992/3 Collector's Year Book of booklets & self adhesive stamps, plus Waterbirds of Australia limited edition print collection & folder, 90th Anniv of end of WWI Aust/NZ M/Sheet & folder Australia & War 2008 4 M/S. Covers (300), 3 small stockbooks of Aust & world sets & oddments -noted good range of GB. (many 100s)
 SOLD at A$170
Kangaroos & KGV collection 1913-36. Kangaroos 1913-14 1st wmk to 1/- M & 2/- U. 1915-27 3rd wmk to 2/- U & 2/- maroon M inc 1/- wmk sideways 1929-30 Small Mult wmk to 2/- U plus 2/- M. 1931-46 CofA wmk to 2/-. KGV 1914-24 single wmk to 5d plus shades inc 1d Die III. 1926-30 Small Mult wmk to 5d. Most G-VF M/U. SG cat £2400 = A$4000+. (81)
 SOLD at A$625
Kangaroos: 1st Wmk 2½d blue/indigo odd tone or perf flt, generally G-FU mostly with cds. Unchecked by us for varieties. SG 4 cat £1900, ACSC 9 $4000. Retail $2500. (100).
Kangaroos 3rd Wmk selection: 2d grey Die I (4), Die IIA, 2½d (5 inc marginal single) with variety 11(2)d 'heavy coastline to WA', 3d Die I, Die IIB (3), 6d brown (3) inc one with 'broken leg' variety, another with variety 21(4)f 'white scratch through ALIA', 9d Die IIB with inv wmk, 2/- brown M. 5/- grey & yellow. Mostly F-VF, majority MUH, some flts. ACSC $5900. (21)
 SOLD at A$525
Kangaroos: 3rd wmk 2½d pale blue to deep indigo shades. Mostly cds cancels. Generally above average G-VFU. SG cat 36 £1000. ACSC 11 $2500, retail $2000. (100)
Kangaroos: CofA wmk 10/-, £1 & £2 opt SPECIMEN type D. UN. SG 136-8s cat $290. ACSC cat M $295. (3).
Kangaroos: 2d Grey & 3d olive - both Die I, 3rd wmk, 6d chestnut SM wmk with 'retouch UL cnr' variety & 9d violet CofA wmk. F-VF MUH, 3d sl 2-tone gum. SG 35, 37, 107 & 133 cat £173 for M, should be at least double, £346 MUH. ACSC 7, 13E, 22A(3)f & 29 cat $800. (4)
Kangaroo 2½d pale blue to deep indigo 3rd wmk shades. Mostly cds pmks. Few flts, generally above average F-VF U. SG cat 36 £1000. ACSC 11 $2500, retail $2000. (100)
Kangaroos: Collection with 1st wmk set to 1/- inc 4d orange & 5d chestnut. 2nd wmk (5) to 1/-. 3rd wmk set to 5/- inc 6d blue shades (2) & 2/- brown (4 shades). SM wmk to 5/- inc 6d, 1/-, 2/- CTO, CofA to 5/- inc 9d & 5/- CTO, plus 6d opt OS. Generally G-VFU with CTO as noted. Retail $1300. (40).
Kangaroos M set ½d to £2 (ex 2/- brown £1 B&B) 1st wmk ½d, 1d & 4d, 5d, 3rd wmk 2d, 2½d, 3d & 6d blue, SM wmk 6d brown OS, & 1/- CofA wmk 6d, 9d, 2/-, 5/- & SPECIMEN opts 10/-, £1 Grey & £2. The 5/- with variety 'notch in Kangaroo's snout' cat $800 (sl flts). Mostly F-VF fresh M/MLH. SG cat £770. ACSC cat $2450. (17). (P)
 SOLD at A$600
Kangaroos: Neat, almost comp collection to £2 on 1950s Hawthorn Press leaves with 1st wmk set to 2/- inc 4d orange-yellow plus £2 h/s 'Specimen'. 2nd wmk set to 5/- (2/- & 5/- perf OS). 3rd wmk set to 5/- plus extra 2/- (4), 5/- (2) plus 10/- perf OS, £1 brown & blue telegraph puncture, & £2 opt SPECIMEN. SM wmk to 5/- plus £2 Telegraph puncture. CofA wmk set to 10/- plus £1 neat Telegraph puncture. Also many extras inc Perf OS to 10/-, varieties inc 2/- maroon plate scratch M 2d grey wmk INV plus shades & printing variations. Some sl mixed condition inc perf tones, most would definitely benefit from a good wash. Generally G-FU plus odd mint example. Retail $8350. (146). (P)
 SOLD at A$1400
Kangaroos: Selection inc 1st wmk 1d to 1/- (1/- 3 shades inc perf OS), 2nd wmk 2d, 2½d (2), 6d (2), 1/-, 2/-, 3rd wmk 2½d (2), 6d (2 shades), 1/- largely G-FU. Also 3rd wmk 1/- green perf OS variety 'LI of Shilling deformed' position 4L11 ACSC 33Aba(4)h FM cat $300. Some varied condition but largely F-VF ACSC cat $1250. (20) (P)
Kangaroos: Selection (100+) in pocket s/book inc 1st wmk set of 9 to 9d M (flts, normal retail $900) 3rd wmk 2d, 2½d, 6d ultramarine, 6d brown & 5/- (short perf) ($580). SM wmk 1/- of CofA 9d (2), 2/- (2). Total retail $1650. Then usual (80) inc set of 14 to 5/-, 4d orange (2), 5/- SM wmk, assorted Official Perfins & 1d Reds (300) in 2 envelopes, usual mixed condition mostly G-FU. (400+)
 SOLD at A$275
Kangaroo used range with 1st wmk 2d wmk inverted, 3d (3 shades) inc wmk inverted, 5d, 6d (2 shades). 2nd Wmk 2½d. 3rd Wmk 3d (6 shades, inc Die II & IIB), 6d blue (2 shades), 6d brown (2, inc 'broken leg'), 9d Die II pr & Die IIB, 1/- Dies II & IIB & 2/- brown (torn). SM wmk 6d & 5/-. CofA wmk 9d (2), 2/- (3) & 6d opt OS. Mostly F-VF U. SG cat £700. ACSC cat $1700.
Kangaroo varieties: 2d Grey 1st wmk 'nick in roo's throat' (unlisted, similar to 3rd wmk 'cut throat roo'. 3rd Wmk 'colour flaw in LR cnr' (3, 2U & 1M). ACSC 7(U)d cat $150 ea U & $250 M, total $550. (4)
 SOLD at A$55
Kangaroos: 3rd Wmk: Set to 2/- with 2d, 2½d, 3d, 6d blue, 6d brown, 9d, 1/-, & 2/- brown, 20 of each. Mostly G-FU, odd flts. SG cat £1350. ACSC $3960. Retail $2880 as cheapest. (160)
KGV Single wmk all perf OS inc ½d green (25), 2d orange, & 2d red (4). Also Kangaroo 3rd wmk 3d Die IIB perf OS blk of 8. Roos 2M/6MUH with creases, KGV all VF fresh MUH. SG O38, O71-2 & O45e cat £1379 plus all the MUH double, so £2600. (38).
KGV ½d Green date collection (130) May 1915 - Oct 1920. 1d violet (40) inc ACSC listed plated varieties (24), min cat $600. 1d green (45) inc LM wmk & no wmk types. 1½d brown (83), 2d brown (5), plus others ½d orange to 2d red. G-VFU. (370+)
KGV: ½d Green Specialised collection in old-time springback binder with very wide selection of plate flaws both Single & LM wmks, inc many dated examples. Not often seen, good speciality lot. Generally F-VF U. (330)
 SOLD at A$160
KGV array (350) in pocket s/book with single wmk 2d brown (3) inc perf OS (2) MUH & 1d violet, 4d orange, 4d olive, 5d brown F-VF M plus 1d red Die II UN. (M wmk 1d red MUH & SM wmk perf 14 3d blue FM (2). Retail $900. U (330+) inc single wmk 20 diff to 1/4 inc 4d lemon (2 sets) LM wmk set of 5, SM wmk perf 14 2d brown, 3d, 4d, assorted mess to 1/4 plus selection of Official opts or perfins. Plus another 400 semi-sorted low vals to 2d red, usually sl mixed condition. Generally G-FU. (750).
 SOLD at A$220
KGV Collection inc extensive range of inverted wmks mostly G-FU, noted ½d green (8 inc 1 perf OS/NSW), ½d orange (3), 1d red (14 shades), 1d red Die III (2), 1½d blk brown (5), 1½d brown (3 inc pr), 2d orange perf OS (4), 2d red perf OS, 4d blue UN, LM wmk inc ½d green (3), 1½d black-brown (4), 1½d brown (2). SM perf 14 3d blue perf OS (7, some with heavy pmks). SM perf 13½ inc 1½d red booklet pane of 6, later issues in quantity. Also inc a range of plate varieties 1d red, green & violet shades & range of values in prs ½d to 1/4 mixed wmks. Condition varies but mostly F-VF. ACSC cat approx $5000. (470)
 SOLD at A$575
KGV comp collection of 72 diff in Seven Seas hingeless pgs with single wmk to 1/4 inc 1d red Dies II, III & 4d blue, lemon, orange & violet. LM wmk set of 5. SM perf 14 set to 1/4 inc 2d brown & 4d olive. SM perf 13½x12½ to 1/4 inc 1d green Die II, 4½d Die II CTO as always. CofA wmk to 1/4. Opt OS set of 7. All VFU/CTO. Retail this nice quality $1200+. (72).
 SOLD at A$350
KGV era OS opt set comp with 6d Kangaroo both wmks, KGV ½d-5d inc both wmks, 1/- Lyrebird, Kingsford Smith 2d & 3d, Airmail 6d & Bridge 2d & 3d. F-VF M/MLH, all genuine opts. SG cat £630. ACSC cat $1020. Retail $800. (15). (P)
KGV wmk INVERTED: ½d - 4d (15 diff) with Single wmk ½d green, ½d orange, 1d red rough/smooth papers, 1d green (MLH), 1½d black-brown, 2d orange (perf OS), 4d Aniline orange, 4d dull orange, 4d yellow orange & 4d blue (cnr thin). LM wmk ½d green & 1½d black-brown. SM wmk perf 14 3d blue (OS perfin), perf 13½ x 12½, 1½d red & 2d red Die III. Mostly F-VF U with M. ACSC cat $800+. Scarce assembly. (16)
KGV: wmk INVERTED ½d - 4d with Single wmk ½d green (M), ½d orange, 1d red, 1d green (M), 2d orange perf OS, 1½d black-brown, 1½d brown, 4d orange, 4d lemon (cat $750), 4d blue M. LM wmk ½d green, 1½d black-brown (M), SM wmk perf 14 3d blue OS perfin, perf 13½x12½ 1½d red & CofA wmk 2d. Mostly F-VF U, with M as noted. ACSC cat $1370. (15). (P)
 SOLD at A$250
KGV: Perf OS collection on leaves with single wmk (34) to 5d brown inc 1½d green coarse mesh paper VFM & 2d orange FM (these 2 retail $600+), 1½d brown (4), 1½d green (2), 4d violet (2), blue (2) & olive (3) G-FU (retail $345). No wmk 1d & 1½d ($225). SM wmk perf 14 (7) to 1/4 ($200). Perf 13½x12½ (20) to 5d ($200) & 2d red Die I, II, III study (22). Mostly G-FU, total retail $1450. (82)
 SOLD at A$220
KGV: Perf OS selection mostly M on hagners with KGV single wmk perf ½d green (11, retail $165). 2d orange (13, $520). 2d red, pale to deep shades (19, $1140). Mostly F-VF M. 1d Rosine Die II FU (ACSC cat $160). Kangaroo 3d olive 3rd wmk F-VF M (3, retail $525). Total retail $4500+, SG cat £1500+ = A$2700+. (47).
 SOLD at A$200
KGV: Semi-specialised collection on 1950s Hawthorn Press leaves with single wmk (75) to 1/4 inc 1d red shades (20) inc Die II & Die III, 4d orange 'line through 'Fourpence' (ACSC cat $175), 4d blue (5) inc 'weeping 4'. 4d olive M (2, $100), & 1/4 M ($250). LM wmk set of 5. SM wmk perf 14 set to 1/4, perf 13½ x12½ set inc 1d green die 2 VFU & 4½d Die II CTO. CofA wmk set to 1/4 plus many extras throughout inc shades or occasional ACSC listed variety. Some tones, mostly G-FU with odd M. Total retail $1720. (145).
 SOLD at A$325
KGV Semi-sorted accumulation on hagners with single wmk 1d red (22), 2d brown CTO (2) inc 'large flaw in LVT' variety (cat $150) & perf OS (10, $400). 1½d Red, 2d brown, 4½d violet coarse mesh paper ($250), 5d brown rough paper perf OS ($250), 3d blue dry ink (5, $250), 4d blue CTO ($100), 4d orange (14) & 4d violet (12) perf OS ($630), 4d lemon (3, $100) all G-FU plus 1½d brown perf OS pr MUH ($350) & 1½d green perf T blk of 4 M (tone spots). LM wmk 1d red (6, cat $450+) inc perf T, perf OS (2) & perf OS/NSW. SM wmk ½d orange perf 14 with OS/NSW perfin (very scarce). Plus much more inc other OS/NSW Perfins to 4d blue, Private Perfins to 4d & set of colours to 5d. Some M/MUH mostly G-FU inc odd CTO. Total cat/retail well over $3000. (360)
 SOLD at A$450
KGV Variety collection in 1960s loose leaf album with ½d green (18) inc 'thin fraction' (cat $175). 1d red (274) with shades inc rough paper, ACSC listed varieties (40, cat $1150) inc Sub-cliché Die II & Die I(2), Die II/I blk of 4 (cat $100), 'saddle on emu' (2), 'thin G', Die II (12), 'tin shed' & wide range of right plate types. 1d Violet (22) in blks of 6 & 4. 1d Green (50), 1½d brown (70). 1½d red (mixed wmks, 190) inc single wmk Cracked Electro, SM wmk 'void cnr' & no wmk perf OS (these 3 cat $500+) plus various plate scratches & other ACSC listed/unlisted types. 2d red (100) mixed wmks & others (50) from 1½d green to 5d brown inc 4½d 'shaved upper frame' MLH (cat $90), 4½d Die II CTO. Mentioned stamps cat value total $2000, total much higher. Odd M/MUH, mostly G-FU. (770) (P)
 SOLD at A$500
Kiloware sorted into bags 1970s-90s. 13kg. Foreign sorted by country, approx 1.5kg. Total weight approx 15kg.
 SOLD at A$425
Kiloware: 1960s-70s small size Pics/defs to 1990s 45c Flowers- Wildlife or later 50c Frogs, with commems & Christmas scattered throughout. Appears close clip single paper. Weight 20kg.
 SOLD at A$450
Kiloware: 1966-2010 Pics/Defs/Commems/Christmas accumulation on rough torn or scissor cut paper. Weight 18.5kg.
 SOLD at A$500
Kiloware: 1980-2010 20c-60c Pics/commems/Christmas mix good variety mostly close clip paper. Weight 21kg.
 SOLD at A$650
Kiloware: 1980s-modern letter rate Pics & Commems to $1, wide variety inc occasional uncancelled. Mostly on close clip single paper. Weight 11.8kg. Offered on behalf of Mary McKillop International Missions.
 SOLD at A$900
Kiloware: 1986-2008 36c-55c Pics/commems/Christmas, all appear close clip paper. Weight around 20kg.
 SOLD at A$220
Kiloware: 1990s-2000s Pics/commems to 60c Australian Legends mixed wide-clip double paper/close clip single paper. Pmk potential inc cds.
 SOLD at A$140
Kiloware: 2001-12 45c Birds-60c Olympics Pic, commems, Christmas on close clip single paper. Weight 19kg.
 SOLD at A$650
Kiloware: Largely 50c-55c mostly close-clipped Commems & Defs, many sorted by sets/issues. (32kg).
 SOLD at A$850
Kiloware: 50c & 55c Pics/Commems plus scattered 45c & 60c. All on close-clip single paper. Uncancelled sighted, from an unknown Sydney source. Weight 13.6kg.
 SOLD at A$525
Kiloware: 55c, 50c Pics/commems plus scattered 45c & 60c. All on close-clip single paper from an unknown Sydney source. Uncancelled sighted. Weight 13.5kg.
 SOLD at A$575
Kiloware: 70c Pics/Pensioner Post on larger size double paper. Pmk potential inc cds types. Also quantity 55c-60c on close clip single paper. Total weight 19kg.
 SOLD at A$525
Kiloware: 70c Pics & Commems (no concession) close clip single paper with uncancelled sighted. Offered on behalf of Mary McKillop International Missions. Weight 3.3kg.
 SOLD at A$1300
Kiloware: Charity Mix mostly 45c-65c Pics/Commems with percentage of 1980s 30c-37c plus scattered Foreign for flavour! Mixed rough torn/close clip single paper. Offered on behalf of Mary McKillop International Missions. Weight 11kg.
 SOLD at A$200
Kiloware: Concession Post on close clip single paper. Weight 3.2kg with uncancelled sighted. Offered on behalf of Mary McKillop International Missions.
 SOLD at A$725
Kiloware: $1 Pics/Commems on close clip single paper. Unchecked as received from Mary McKillop International Missions. Weight 5.5kg.
 SOLD at A$2300
Kiloware: $1 Pics/Commems on close clip single paper. Unchecked as received from Mary McKillop International Missions. Weight 5.5kg.
 SOLD at A$2500
Kiloware: $1 commems & Pics on close clip single paper. Unchecked as received from a Tasmanian source. Weight 2.1kg.
 SOLD at A$300
Kiloware: $1 Pics & commems on close clip single paper. Unchecked as received from a Tasmanian source. Weight 1.75kg.
 SOLD at A$275
Kiloware: $1 Pics & Commems on close clip single paper. Unchecked as received from Victorian charity. Weight 3.5kg.
 SOLD at A$2000
Kiloware: Eclectic mix to 2012 Dancers, interesting variety of 45c, 50c, 55c, 60c Pics plus assorted pre 1990s inc scattered Pre-decimals. Mostly on close clip single paper. Weight 18.5kg.
 SOLD at A$550
Kiloware: Generally 45c, 50c, 55c Pics/commems, scattered 60c mostly single paper with cds sighted. Weight 17.5kg.
 SOLD at A$450
Kiloware: 1990s-2012 45c-55c Pics/commems to 2012 60c Dinosaur. Mostly on close clip single paper. Weight 21kg.
 SOLD at A$450
Kiloware: International Post on close cut single paper/PPC fragments. Good variety of issues inc $1.25, $1.40, $1.50, $2.00, $2.10, $2.60, $2.75 Pic & commems. Weight 1kg. Not often seen in quantity. (3000).
 SOLD at A$350
Kiloware: International Post good mix & variety 2000 onwards inc self adhesives & higher vals. All on close clip single paper. Weight 500g. (1500)
 SOLD at A$180
Kiloware: Late 1970s 20c commems to around 2010 55c Pics, on mostly close clip single paper. Weight 20kg.
 SOLD at A$400
Kiloware: Mainly 60c, 70c Pics, on close clip single paper. Unchecked as received from Tasmania. Weight 3kg.
 SOLD at A$400
Kiloware: Mid 1990s-2010s 45c-55c, plus scattered 60c Pics or 70c Flowers mixed sheet/self adhesives on close clip single paper. Weight 22kg.
 SOLD at A$825
Kiloware: Mostly 45c, 50c, 55c Pics, Christmas, Commems. Generally on close clip single paper. Weight 17.5kg.
 SOLD at A$550
Kiloware Unorthodox Mix!! to 2016 with Philatelic frankings, 30c-$1 letter-rate Commems, Christmas or Pictorials inc scattered un-cancelled plus assorted. Foreign, inc 1950s East Germany. Mostly on close clip single paper, good lot for the sorters & soakers. Weight 12kg. Offered on behalf of Mary McKillop International Missions.
 SOLD at A$300
Kiloware: Wide variety from 1990s Kangaroos to 2014 Orchids with plenty of the 50c & 55c Pics/commems. All on close clip single paper. Weight 21kg.
 SOLD at A$625
Massive off-paper mix mostly 1966-mid 1990s plus scattered 1930s-60s Pre-decimals. Huge variety with minimal duplication. Unchecked as received from a Victorian source. Weight 5kg. (70,000)
 SOLD at A$325
Miniature Sheets 1980-2011 Exhibitions inc Australia 99 imperf pr, a few opt Christmas Is or Cocos, London 90, opt Dinosaurs, Zoos, World Down Under, Pets, 2005 Pacific Explorer Rotary peel n stick etc. Good thematics inc Animals, Olympics, Birds, Ships etc, odd opt gutter. VF fresh MUH. FV alone $72, retail $390. (31 diff)
 SOLD at A$80
Mixed range on hagners inc Aust States selection inc NSW 1897 1/- Consumptive Homes M, other States. Also Revenues inc NSW 1909-29 KEVII to £1 (12), 1929-38 Numerals to £10 (8). Also Kangaroos inc 3rd wmk 6d brown imp pr MLH, Sm Multi 9d perf OS cnr blk of 4 2 MLH/2 MUH. 1/- Green Ash imp pr MLH CofA. 2/- Ash imp pr MLH/MUH (ACSC cat for these $2350). Also to 9d M/MLH, to 5/- G/FU. 1932 2d bridge opt OS Banknote $10 2 MUH/4 MLH. Some mixed condition, toning mostly F-VF M/MUH/U plus Banknote $10 Coombs/Wilson EF. (500)
 SOLD at A$425
Modern largely post 2000 in 3 binders & s/book. Mostly G-FU but with some MUH. Noted 1990s Koala reprints G/FU, post 2000 issues inc Commems & Defs, M/S & unusual items such as G-FU personalised P-Stamps, also International Post. Plus a smaller range of recent MUH sets & sheetlets. FV of Used $1400+, MUH FV $85+, largely VF & some UN. (1580, 26 M/S etc)
 SOLD at A$160
Neat collection 1902-50 in Conquest loose leaf album with Kangaroos (34) inc 1st wmk to 1/-, 3rd wmk to 2/- brown & SM/CofA wmks both to 5/-. KGV (82) to 1/4 inc Official opts (7) to 5d & Official perfins (19) to 5d. 1931 Kingsford Smith set of 3 M & U. 6d brown Airmail (3), 1934 Vic Cent sets M & U (2), 1934 1/6 Airmail No wmk FM (retail $40) & Macarthur set U. 1936 S.Aust sets M & U, 1937 KGVI to £1 Robes U, 1940 AIF sets M & U & 1949 Arms £2 lightly cancelled. Plus Postage Dues (48) inc 1902-08 mono-colours to 5/- (retail $350) & 1908-38 Bi-colours to 5/- G-FU (retail $180). Neat little collection, M & G-FU, total retail $2000+. (315)
 SOLD at A$525
Off-paper Charity mix 1950s-1990s. Good variety inc pre-decimal Commems, decimal Pics & medium small defs. Minimal duplication, unchecked as received from Mary McKillop International Missions. Weight 4.2kg, approx 50,000 stamps.
 SOLD at A$450
Olympic & Commonwealth Games collections 2000-16 in 6 Aust Post albums. Inc Olympic Games Prestige stamp album with additional P-stamps sheets, 2004 Athens collection of Gold sheetlets, 2006 Commonwealth Games the 2 diff collection in albums, Beijing 2008 collection plus Digital Stamp set of Gold Medal sheetlets, London 2012 Gold medallists sheetlets, retail $1000+, FV $621. (96+ sheetlets & others)
 SOLD at A$325
Olympic Gold medallists M/Sheet PO collection Sydney 2000 (4), Athens 2004. Fresh MUH. Extra odd MUH or FDC.
 SOLD at A$200
On-paper Used decimal mix (odd pre) with good assortment inc better values. (5kg+)
 SOLD at A$75
Postal History, Advertising cover collection (500) 1930 onwards in 4 thick binders. Inc stunning array from a wide range of businesses inc Agriculture, Aviation Services, Book Sellers, Building Materials inc Hardies Fibrolite, Groceries, Home Appliances, Hotels, Insurance Brokers, Motor industry inc Makers, Spare Parts & Tyres, Oil Companies, Removalists, Retail Emporiums, Transport, Secretarial Needs & others. Huge variety throughout with only minimal duplication & wide range of Pic envs, many of which are now hard to find. Mostly F-VF. Fascinating assembly with many Exhibition quality covers from a vastly under-exposed collecting area. See website for an instant 'one frame' display!
Postage Dues: 1902 Blank base issue varieties with ½d ACSC D1d, e, f, g, h, i & k. 1d like D2d but much more extensive damage. 3d D7d, e & h. 4d D8d, i & m. 6d D9f, h & l. 8d D10e. Some are in blks, total 22 varieties. M/MUH, some tones, mainly on reverse. ACSC cat $2295. (37)
 SOLD at A$375
Postage Dues: 1922-30 Specialised Collection of 3rd wmk varieties in blks, all identified with ACSC cat numbers, mostly ½d plus 1d, 1½d, 2d & 3d. Some blks with multiple varieties. All diff, any duplication is showing same variety on diff shades or printings. VF M/MUH (only 22 are hinged). ACSC cat $5400+. See website for cat numbers. (164 stamps in 30 blks)
Postage Dues: Huge old-time accumulation 1920s-50s in envelopes with around 15 diff inc 1938 2d CofA wmk Die II perf 14 (2200, cat £7150), 1931 2d CofA wmk perf 11 (1200, cat £2400), 1931 1d CofA wmk perf 11 (300, cat £1000), plus another 12 diff in varying quantities inc 1946 5d CofA wmk (40, cat £480). All appear to have postal cancels, SG cat well over £11,000. Unchecked by us for wmk variations or plate flaws. G-FU. (4000)
Postal Stationery inc envelopes PTPO KGV 1½d red Star on 270x115mm UN. KGV 2d/1½d oval PTPO JF Palmer Returning Officer (6U), KGV 2d red oval PTPO also JF Palmer (13U) mix of QLD town meter pmks, later KGVI-QEII pre-dec envelopes, postal cards, lettercards, mostly UN. Varied condition, most F-VF. (38)
Pre-decimal off-paper mix, good variety with some better values. Used (900g+, 10-12,000). Well worth sorting.
 SOLD at A$95
Pre-decimal ex-dealer's stock in Lighthouse s/book G/FU. Noted Kangaroos various wmk to 2/-, KGV Heads various wmk to 1/4 lower value extras with OS opts inc 4d olive (12), other OS opts inc 1931 Kingsford Smith 3d CTO, 1931 6d Airmail (7), 1930s Commems with extras, similar post-war Commems/Defs inc 2/-, 2/3 Commems also Papua small selection inc 1901-05 4d, 6d, small Papua opt to 6d. Some mixed condition but largely F-VF, retail $2600+. (1000)
 SOLD at A$525
Prestige Booklets: 2005-14 larger sizes inc 2005 Down on the Farm, 2006 Postie Kate, 2007 Behind the Stamp, 2009 A Post Anniv, 2010 Aust Legends, 2012 Football Legends, Music Legends & 2014 Bush Ballads. VF fresh MUH. Ea with special M/Sheets only found in these. Original PO cost $146, SG cat £220, Pf cat $280. (8)
Quality Off-paper mix from 1930s 3d Blue Commems through 1990s International Post to 2017 $1 Pics. Huge variety throughout inc pre-decimals to 10/- & Decimals to $10 nearly all non-letter rate types, inc odd CTO. Unchecked in detail, appears no heavy duplication. Great lot to sift through, ideal for club circuit sheets. G-FU. (10,000).
 SOLD at A$550
Registration Labels: Comp sheets of 25 with Mawson Aust Antarctic Terr (7), Ashfield North (NSW), Chipping Norton (NSW), Sydenham (VIC) - 2 diff styles, Evandale (TAS) & Terowie (South Aust) plus 'blank (nos 230-246) All fresh UN. 14 sheets, 350 labels.
 SOLD at A$150
Revenues: 1940s Wages ledger cut-outs (6) with assorted values (94) to £3 inc 6/- red, 13/- (7), 18/- (2), 19/-, £1 (18), £2 (7) & £3 (4). Total Bft cat £320, 1/- prs (15) inc multiples & 6d blk of 4, odd minor flt MUH (£80). Neat group, total cat £400 = A$650. (128).
 SOLD at A$120
Revenues: Victoria 1973-80 Hunting License Stamps with $2 Quail 1973 (200), 1974 (200), 1975 (150), 1978 (100) & 1980 (50), $3 Duck, 1973 (250), 1974 (150), 1975 (200), 1976 (150) & 1980 (50). All sheets of 50 & RARE as such. Fresh & clean, UN/MUH. Total Barefoot cat £3050 = A$5000+. (30 sheets, 1500)
 SOLD at A$500
Selection in small s/book inc Kangaroos 1st wmk 2d to 1/- 93) inc 3d, 4d (3 ea), 5d perf OS inc 6d large & small, 2nd wmk 1/- (3), 3rd wmk to 2/- brown with extras, SM to 2/- (4) inc perf OS to 2/-, KGV Heads inc single wmk to 1/4 inc 1d Die III (2), 4d lemon, OS opts inc 4d olive (2), some Postage Dues, retail $2000+. Mostly F-VF U. (180)
Territories PO Year collections (AAT, Christmas & Cocos Is) 1994-2009 comp set of 16 (last 2 folders extra punch-holes), all stamps fresh MUH. FV $285. Issue costs much higher.
 SOLD at A$240
Useful & varied range in 5 albums/binders inc Seven Seas album, few Kangaroos to 5/- CofA, KGV heads, 1930s Commems, Robes (thick paper) to £1, Arms £2 (5) G/FU. Decimal range inc few earlier booklets, packs, Specimen opts in some qty, 2002/06 issues CTO in sheets (FV $160), some Christmas Is & AAT FV $135. Some Great Britain inc packs, Hong Kong, 1973 Def in pack. Mainly F-VF M/CTO/U/FU. (2300)
 SOLD at A$220
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