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1850-51 Type-set circular 'BRITISH GUIANA 4 cents' lemon-yellow, initialled E.D.W (Wright) in blue, 'Cottonreel' 1st issue. FU appearance, repaired, cut round, 'Demerara / 3 OC 1851' cds. SG 3 cat £24,000 for cut round & under-catalogued. The famous Du Pont collection only had 3 singles of the 4c which sold in Europe in 2014 for €48,000 - €108,000 (a cut round single with tear was €96,000!!!). Famous classic rarity. 2015 Scheller photo cert. (P)
 AVAILABLE at A$7000
1850-51 Type-set circular 'BRITISH GUIANA 8 cents' green, initialled E.D.W (Wright) in black in centre, 'Cottonreel' 1st issue. VFU, cut round with margins all round, 'Demerara OC 18 1850' cds. SG 4 cat £16,000+, for cut round & under-catalogued. The Du Pont collection only had 2 singles (& 3 covers) which sold in auction in Europe for between €84,000 ( = A$120,000 for cut round single equivalent to this example!) to €132,000. Famous classic rarity. Exp several times. Certificate can be obtained on request. (P)
 AVAILABLE at A$15000
1852 Ship 1c black on magenta, surface coloured paper, imperf. Fresh UN, 2½ margins, sl flts but respactable appearance. SG 9 cat £15,000. Very rare unused example of this important classic. 2013 Behr AIEP photo cert. (P)
 SOLD at A$3000
1852 Ship 4c black on deep blue surface-coloured paper, imperf. FU appearance with light cds, 3½ margins, extremely well repainted surface rubs, which are endemic to this stamp. SG 10 cat £12,000. Very attractive genuine example of this classic rarity. (P)
 SOLD at A$3000
1853-59 Ship 1c vermilion, original printing, imperf. FU, 3 margins, barred pmk. SG 11 cat £1700. Rare classic. Exp Alcuri. (P)
 SOLD at A$500
1856 Type-set provisional Ship 4c black on magenta, initialled "E.D.W." of E D Wright. Superb U appearance with village type cds, expertly repaired horiz tear, cut square with amazingly large margins on 4 sides, fantastic deep colour. SG 24 cat £25,000++. The amazingly huge margins definitely make it one of the best looking genuine examples of this famous classic rarity. 2013 Roumet photo cert. (P)
 AVAILABLE at A$10000
1878 Bar opt Official Ship (2c) on 8c rose, 2 horiz & 1 vert bar. FU, cork pmk. SG 146 cat £375. Rare stamp. (P)
1881 '2 OFFICIAL' opt Ship 24c green, opt SG type 19. VFU. SG 159 cat £180. (P)
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