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Postage Due covers 1965-67 nicely written up, to GB which did not recognise independent Rhodesia, so all taxed with range of diff Postage Due frankings inc 1965 Independence 2/6 FDC with GB 2/6 Due, another 2/6 Independence with Sthn Rhodesia 1/3 Def which at this time was recognised so not taxed, another reg FDC reg FDC taxed with Dues 1/- pr + 3d, 1966 framed 1d-4d Pics & 1d to 1/- opts to 1/- with boxed 'Invalid Stamps Used' cachet - but no Dues affixed, 1966 use of pictorial 'Signing the Declaration of Independence' cover with the 2/6 & Dues 1/- +3d, then some Independence opts on Sthn Rhodesia with Dues 3d pr, 1/- +6d, 6d+3d, then use of 1970 Def again with range of Dues 4d, 5d blk of 4 on aerogram, 1/- +2d (5), 8d (2)+6d, 1/- +5d+4d, 2/6+6d (2). Also 1970 2 covers to Jersey with local Dues 1/- +3d (3), or 1/- +3d (3)+1d, plus 1965 2/6 FDC to Malawi with Pic 4d pr used as Dues & 1970 to India with 'DUE' h/s endorsed Rs2/10. Overall a wide range of Tax h/s cachet & many of later with adhesive printed labels saying Sthn Rhodesia stamps invalid. (21) (P)SOLD at A$750