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½d Collection with ½d green single wmk (44) inc shades. wmk inv (4, cat $160), ACSC listed varieties (30) cat $1150. LM wmk (15) inc wmk inv, thinned right fraction (FU, cat $250) & 8 other ACSC listed varieties ($435), ½d orange mixed wmks (21) inc ACSC listed errors (14, cat $430). Total ACSC cat $2460. (80)
 SOLD at A$325
½d Green Study with Single wmk (15) inc JBC monogram single UN (ACSC 63(2)za cat $250) & ACSC listed varieties (11, cat $830) inc "barb on fraction bar" (4R40), "Dot before right 2" (4R55), "Wattle flaw" (7R19), "Scratch thru LVT" (7R33) & "Flaw on left 2" (7R58). LM wmk 3 inc CA monogram single ($250) & "8 Wattles at left" MUH (ACSC 65(4)f cat $80). Mixed F-VF M/MUH. Total ACSC cat $1400+. (18)
 SOLD at A$300
1d Red Die III collection (31) with wmk inv (2, ACSC cat $300). Constant ACSC listed varieties (11 diff cat $2000) inc "flaw on king's ear lobe" (pos 3), "flaw under emu tail" (pos 10), "break in upper frame at left" (pos 15), "scratch below right wattle stem" (pos 48), "white flaw on S" (pos 56), "beard flaw" (pos 57) & "break in UL cnr" (pos 68). Also shades pale to deep (19 cat $760). G-F/VFU. Total ACSC $3060. (31) (P)
4½d Violet covers: SM wmk perf 14 & perf 13½x12½ singles on 1929 airmail covers from WA, 5d on 4½d +1d green on 1930 registered cover to USA. ACSC cat $450, SG "from" £270. (3)
Collection ½d-1/4 inc single wmk ½d-1/4 inc 4d orange, 4d violet, 4d blue, 4d olive, LM set of 5, no wmk pr, SM mixed perfs vals ½d-1/4 (1/4 perf 13½) CofA set ½d-1/4 odd U, mostly F-VF M/MUH, retail $1150. (46)
KGV Heads collection inc extensive range of inverted wmks mostly G-FU, noted ½d green (8 inc 1 perf OS/NSW), ½d orange (3), 1d red (14 shades), 1d red Die III (2), 1½d blk brown (5), 1½d brown (3 inc pr), 2d orange perf OS (4), 2d red perf OS, 4d blue UN, large multi wmk inc ½d green (3), 1½d black-brown (4), 1½d brown (2). Small multi perf 14 3d blue perf OS (7, some with heavy cancels). Small multi perf 13½ inc 1½d red booklet pane of 6, later issues in quantity. Also inc a range of plate varieties 1d red, green & violet shades & range of values in prs ½d to 1/4 mixed wmks. Condition varies but mostly F-VF. ACSC cat approx $5000. (470)
KGV Single wmk: 4d Shades on cover inc 4d orange registered covers, yellow-orange on 1916 long env, buff-orange (minor fault) solo on 1918 'Deeds Registered' legal size printed matter rate, orange-yellow (?) solo on 1918, orange on 1920; blue solo uses to overseas 1922-23 pale milky blue, pale blue, ultramarine (lower part sl faded); 4d olive used with 2d brown on 1926 registered, also SM wmk 4d olive scarce solo on 1930 printed matter rate registered, useful group, ACSC cat $1285(+). (9 covers )
KGV Single wmk: 4d Orange & 5d brown perf OS on 1916 or 1921 Perth returned registered covers with DLO markings, ink blot on former, ACSC $320, (2)
 SOLD at A$110
KGV 1d Collection with 1913 Engraved (15) inc right marginal blk of 6 MUH & some ACSC listed varieties (total cat $150). Then 1914 1d red smooth paper (210) with wmk inverted (13) inc perf OS pr variety "thin G" (cat $500) & perf OS/NSW. Single line perf (7), Die II (11) inc perf OS (3, cat $600). Other ACSC listed left plate flaws (35) inc "thin G" (14), "Penavy" (7), "line under RVT" (4) & "saddle on emu" (8) cat $2240. Right plate flaws (115) inc "N-Y joined" (3, cat $600), "run N" (16), "scratch behind emu" (12), "thinned left frame" (8) & "ferns" (5) ACSC $2800. Rough paper (48) inc wmk inv shades (7), Die II (10) inc perf OS (4), other left plate flaws (13) with "rusted cnr" blk of 4, "Penavy" (4), "thin G" (4), "line under RVT" (2) & "saddle on emu" (2). Right plate flaws (5), all diff inc "ferns", "neck flaw" & "dot before 1" (ACSC $1200). LM wmk (40) with Mint (3) perf OS & shades (36) cat $1200. Die III (13) inc pr & wmk inv (cat $630), Total ACSC cat for 1d reds $9730. 1d Violet (24) inc upper marginal blk of 4 MUH & ACSC listed varieties (20) G-FU ($560). 1d Green with single wmk ACSC listed varieties (15, cat $300). LM wmk ACSC listed varieties (6, $270), SM wmk perf 14 ACSC listed varieties 8 inc plate 3 Ash imprint pr & perf 13½x12½ (14) inc Die II (2). CofA wmk (20) mostly ACSC listed varieties. Duplication throughout with many shades in the 1d reds, mostly F-VFU. Total ACSC cat for collection $11,800. (400) (P)
 SOLD at A$1500
KGV: 1d Red Die II rough paper (31) with wide range of shades inc brown, carmine, pink & rose plus perf OS (11). Unchecked as received G-VFU. (42)
KGV: 1d Red Die II (46) range of shades from pale to deep, plus perf OS (2). Unchecked as received G-FU. ACSC cat $900. (46)
KGV: 2d Single wmk variety collection with orange (59) inc "cracked electro between CE of Pence" (pos 1R16, cat $300), "TWC" (2, $170), "broken top to crown" (4, $140), "AUSTRAZIA" (4, $140), "retouched GE" (4, $280) & "cracked electro through right side" (ACSC 95Um $600) -total ACSC cat $2770. 2d Red (22) cat $770 inc "flaw on T of TWO" (2), "spot after right 2" (2) & "line through TWO". 2d Brown (9, $920) inc "white area on kangaroo's body" (pos 16L57) & "large flaw in LVT". Also SM wmk Die II varieties (5). G-FU, total ACSC cat $4500+. (95). (P)
 SOLD at A$400
KGV - 1/4d Covers: Single wmk used with 4½d & ½d orange on 1925 parcel postcard for CBA Sydney-Wellington, NSW, & used (free) back to Sydney; SM wmk P13½x12½ (short cnr perf), used with Roo 6d paying 1-1½oz airmail rate Karachi-London; CofA wmk used with Jubilee 2d on 1935 airmail to UK, (ACSC cat $1700 on cover). (3 covers)
KGV: Collection in hagner album inc 1913 1d engraved (7) single wmk to 1/4 with 1d red (120+) inc single line perf "extra frame", varieties (22) inc "Penavy" & "scratch behind emu", Die II (4). 1d Violet (24) "neck flaw", "run N", "RA joined" & other varieties. 4d Lemon to orange shades (19) & 5d SLP perf OS. LM wmk (24) inc 1d red (2) & 1d green "ferns" variety. SM wmk to 1/4 inc 1d green plate flaws sorted by perf & 4½d Die II CTO. CofA wmk to 1/4, plus semi-sorted prs & strips with values to 5d. Odd F-VFM, mostly G-VFU, huge retail total. (590)
KGV: Complete Mint Collection (1d green Die II & 4½d violet Die II both CTO) with Engraved 1d dark & pale. Single wmk (25) to 1/4 inc 1d red Die I+II pr MLH appears MUH (retail $1000), 1d Die III, 4d blue, olive, orange, violet, yellow, 4½d, 5d & 1/4. LM wmk set of 5, SM wmk perf 14 (8) to 1/4 inc 2d brown, 3d & 4d. SM wmk perf 13½ x 12½ to 1/4 inc 2d red Die I, 3d blue Die I, 4½d Die I VFM, plus 1d green Die II cnr cancel & 4½d Die II CTO. CofA wmk set of 8, plus OS opts comp to 5d. Mostly F-VF M/MLH (70), few reverse blemishes etc, plus the 1d, 4½d Die II VFU. Retail $3600+. (72) (P)
No Lot.
KGV: Cover collection 1914-37 (35) with 1d red covers/cards (5) inc 1915 OAS much travelled env to Egypt inc "Not 1st LHR" m/s endorsement. 1917 to USA franked 3 singles, ea with "extra frame" varieties. 1919 to Philadelphia franked 1d carmine-red pr & 1½d brown strip of 4. 1921 2d Orange perf T on OHMS env Hobart-Ulverstone. 1926 Airmail franked 1½d red (3) Cloncurry (QLD) to Melbourne. 1920s 1½d Red Octagonal env with ½d green, ½d orange & Kangaroo 2d to Philippines endorsed "Per SS Taiydan". 1935 RTS with "Unclaimed at South Yarra" cachet. 1937 To California franked 3d blue & other interesting items inc 1d violet postal card CTO Sydney. Some sl mixed condition or minor flts, majority fine or better. (35)
MUH/Mint collection (118) on leaves with single wmk (64) to 1/4 inc ½d green wmk inv, 1d red smooth paper (10) inc aniline scarlet thin paper, 1d red rough paper (4 shades) inc wmk inv & 1d red Die III FM. 1d Violet "dot before 1", "neck flaw" & "RA joined" varieties (ACSC cat $150). 1d Green 5 diff ACSC varieties ($200). 1½d Black-brown MLH & 1½d red-brown MUH wmk inv ($235). 4d Orange, dull orange both MUH, 4d orange wmk inv MLH & 4d lemon MLH ($580), 4d ultramarine & blue MUH & wmk inv MLH ($450). 4d Olive MUH (2), 1/4 shades (2) FM ($600). LM wmk (13) inc 1½d brown, black-brown wmk inv ($200), ½d green "thin fraction at right" ($175). No wmk 1d green "neck flaw" (MLH) & "RA joined" (MUH) varieties ($120). SM wmk perf 14 set to 3d inc 1d "RA joined" ($175) plus 1/4 MLH ($375). SM wmk perf 13½x12½ set to 3d Die II MUH inc 1d green Die I, II pr, 3d blue Die IA wmk inv ($400) plus 4½d violet regum MUH (total ACSC $1100). CofA wmk set (ex 3d) to 1/4 F-VFM. Clean & fresh, could contain some unrecognised rare shades in the 1d reds, all F-VFM/MUH, total ACSC cat $7000+. (118) (P)
 SOLD at A$1050
OS opt set 2d red & 4d olive SM wmk, ½d-5d CofA wmk. VF fresh MUH. SG O125-6 & O128-32 cat £146 for M, should be at least double, £292 MUH. (7). (P)
Selection inc single wmk 1d red Die II, 1d red Die III, 4d lemon, SM perf 14 1/4, SM perf 13½d ½d-5d inc 4½d Die I, OS opts set of 7 all F-VF MLH, few perf OS inc SM perf 13½ 3d blue Die I MUH, plus range of used retail $1800 with key stamps all VF fresh. (204) (P)
Semi-specialised collection on leaves with single wmk (78) to 1/4 with 1d red (20) inc Die II (6), Die III (2 inc wmk inv), rough paper aniline-rose wmk inv plus shades & colour variations. 4d Lemon-orange shades (5) plus wmk inv, 4d blue (3) inc wmk inv (Brisbane pmk, cat $1000) & 1/4 (3) inc CTO. LM wmk (18) inc ½d green "thin fraction", 1d carmine (3) inc "dot before 1" variety. 1d Green "neck flaw" & 1½d brown wmk inv. No wmk 1d green "secret mark". SM wmk perf 14 (8) to 4½d inc 2d brown & 4d olive. SM wmk perf 13½x12½ (16) to 1/4 inc 1d green Die II & 4d, 4½d Die II, 1/4 CTO. Generally above average F-VFU with some CTO as noted, total cat/retail $3120. (134) (P)
 SOLD at A$375
Set: ½d to 1/4 One of each colour plus ½d-5d opt OS. M/MUH. Inc 4d lemon MLH, 4d blue MUH, SM wmk 4d olive MUH, CofA wmk 1/4 W/C MUH. Mostly F-VF fresh, retail $1000+. (30) (P)
SM wmk 1d green extensive date collection 25 Nov 1926 to 29 Dec 1931 showing periods of use of both perf 14 & perf 13½x12½ types inc scarce Feb/Mar 1928 perf 13½ usages & Jan-Dec 1930 both 14 & 13½ x 12½ usages. Mostly clear unambiguous dates, nearly all cds from a variety of towns & cities Australia wide. Minor duplication, mainly to show consistency & confirmation of the date line. Excellent research potential for the cds collector or continue as is in a serious study. An extremely difficult assembly, rarely offered. G-F/VFU. (4480)
Wmk Inverted: ½d - 4d (15 diff) with Single wmk ½d green, ½d orange, 1d red rough/smooth papers, 1d green (MLH), 1½d black-brown, 2d orange (perf OS), 4d Aniline orange, 4d dull orange, 4d yellow orange & 4d blue (cnr thin). LM wmk ½d green & 1½d black-brown. SM wmk perf 14 3d blue (OS perfin), perf 13½ x 12½, 1½d red & 2d red Die III. Mostly F-VFU with M as noted. ACSC cat $800+. Scarce assembly. (16)
Catalogue ACSC KGV 1914-36 (2014). Current edition. Comply revised inc details of CTO pmks inc Brisbane types, FDC, Defs & Commems, Proofs & Essays, Shades & varieties completely revised inc some big price rises in 1d reds & other values, newly listed varieties. 430+ pgs. A must for anyone half interested in this fascinating series.
 SOLD at A$110
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