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Kangaroos: 1st wmk large OS collection to 2/- inc 1d, 2d, 4d UN (cat $595). 1d vert pr DOUBLE PERF between stamps & on both sides of upper unit (cat $275), set ½d to 2/- inc scarce 2½d & some extras or shades inc 4d (3). Odd flts, generally above average G-FU, 3 UN as noted. Retail $1970. (25).
Kangaroos: Postcards, cover & postal stationery selection 1913-17 inc ½d + 1d used on folded Adelaide photo folder to Vienna, Austria, ½d, 1d on reply card to USA, 1d used on 1917 (21 Jun) cover to USA franked 2½d PPC, stationery inc 1913 1d Roo envelope UN, 1914 4d Roo registered envelope Bogan Gate (great name), NSW to Sydney (flts). Also two PPC Harbin (Mongolia) to Warsaw with Russian PO in China pmk ea on 3k Arms. Some mixed condition, overall F condition. (12)
 SOLD at A$425
Kangaroos: Selection with 1st wmk set of 10 to 1/-, mostly FM or better (retail $1000). CofA wmk 2/- imprint blk of 4 & gutter pr MUH/FM & U (18) inc odd perfin. (34)
 SOLD at A$200
M/MUH Selection inc 1st wmk 2½d, 4d, 2/- MLH (flts) nice appearance. 3rd wmk 2d grey MUH (4) inc INV wmk, 2½d MUH & MLH, 6d blue MLH, 6d greyish-violet MLH, 2/- maroon MLH, 5/- grey MLH & 9d violet perf OS Small Mult. 5 MUH. 9d MUH, plus 6d & 1/- both perf OS MUH some mixed condition, sun-tanned gum, odd tone etc. A useful attractive lot, overall F-VF. Cat $3685. (19)
 SOLD at A$450
MUH selection with 1d red Die II strip of 3 & single (cat $140). 1st wmk 9d violet minor tone at left (cat $850). 3rd wmk 2d Die I strip of 3 ($225), 3d olive Die II B upper marginal, 5/- grey & orange (ACSC 44B cat $2250) centred LL, CofA wmk 6d (2), 9d & 2/- (3) inc imprint pr. All F-VF MUH, ACSC cat $4000. (16)
 SOLD at A$450
Perf OS collection inc 1st wmk large OS ½d to 2/- G-FU (1d Die I MUH, 9d MLH). Perf Small OS 1st wmk ½d, 1d, 2d, 3d MLH-U, 4d GU, 6d re-gummed, 2/- FU, 3rd wmk 6d chestnut MLH, 9d MUH, 2/- maroon CTO, Small Mult 6d (2), 9d, 1/- MLH, 2/-, 5/- CTO. Retail $3150. Few flts mostly F-VF. (26)
 SOLD at A$375
Catalogue - Australian Commonwealth Specialists' Kanagaroo Catalogue. Just superseded (2013) edition inc details on CTO cancels ex Specimen sets, FDC, proofs & essays. Expanded section on plate varieties, inc positions -some yet to be plated, many cat nos changed or reorganised). Profusely illustrated. Essential must-have for all collectors. New
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